The people cast in those late night informercials are bad at stuff. Wearing a towel, cracking eggs, bending over, sleeping on the couch, watering plants, life in general. But also acting. They’re all bad at acting. This is compilation of the best (worst) infomercial fails. It’s good for a laugh, plus make you feel good about yourself, because you can do some stuff good. Not all stuff, haha! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


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Via: Gizmodo

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  1. ice cream are yumee

    Oh, I’m trying to get all snuggly on this couch, but the blanket is too small. What to do? Well, you can buy this useless product, or just get a bigger blanket.

    I can understand the lady at the end who forgot where she parked her car. It happens to me all the time. I once spent an hour at the airport looking for my car