“Hi Stranger” is a claymation video by Los Angeles-based animator Kirsten Lepore. It is equal parts creepy and validating. Quite the combo, right? One might call it a “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERRRR!” but my mom would say that person plays too many video games and you do not want to get into that discussion with her. You’re gonna lose. Not because she is right and you are wrong, but because she is relentless and you will give in eventually. Just don’t go there, okay?!

But back to the WTF video at hand — part of me wants to scream in terror and another part of me wants to give a hug to all of humanity. Specifically the mouth and the arm parts. Can this be arranged? Will the screaming distract from the hugging? How will I fit all of these people in my tiny arms all at once? Could I veto one person? The guy from the corner store always scowls at me the entire time my card is in the chip reader, which I can’t help but take personally, even though IT’S NOT MY FAULT IT TAKES SO LONG. Does he truly believe I am responsible or is it because I whistle loudly during that portion of the transaction? Whatever the case may be, I’m clearly on a real complicated roller coaster of emotions rn and I think they forgot to strap me in properly. Little help? No, take that back — lots of help?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in as a tip. And by “Thanks” I mean “Why have you done this to me????”

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