You know what I hate about commercials for “feminine products?” Everything. The stupid white outfits. The dancing at the beach. The weird blue liquid. The shying away from the subject as much as possible and using terms like “feminine products.” It’s all incredibly stupid. A new company called Hello Flo approaches the subject with much more humor and much less stupid crap that has nothing to do with periods. The video is narrated by a young girl who becomes popular as the “camp gyno” by being the first girl to get her period. She lets the power go to her head until all the girls learn about Hello Flo and receiving tampons, pads and pantyliners in the mail. The video is funny, unapologetic, and isn’t afraid of using the word vagina. Plus how many period commercials have lines like, “It’s like I’m Joan… and their vag is the arc.”



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  1. TheOriginalDonald

    You’re friends with Mitt Romney, AREN’T YOU?????-Melissa Harris-Perry #Tampons