In a move that will make you never look at Santa the same way again, Poo~Pourri created an ad for their doo-doo masking spray. It features the jolly fat man getting busted by a little girl taking a number two with the door open. “For the love of Christmas, Santa, close the G-D door,” I imagine Mrs. Claus and all the elves simultaneously muttering to themselves as they watch the events unfold. It’s bad enough he’s dropping a deuce in a civilian’s home, but to do it with the door open? It’s like you’re trying to make Baby Jesus cry.

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  1. Harry Schneider

    farts R US…

  2. john4637

    That is with out a doubt, the most insensistive, disgusting thing I have ever seen related to Christmas Season. I am forwarding that trash to all my associantes and family, in hopes they feel the same and refuse to patronize the advertised product.

  3. W. Burlie

    Funny, all though over the line…but that’s what we’ve come to.

  4. Jan Gunneweg

    John4637, I want to meet your “associantes”, will be fun.

  5. john4637

    Seems as though I learned a new language overnight! LOL!

  6. Martha D Leadback

    and every one you forward to , they get another hit and another sheckle in the pot, your discusted and they are relieved and richer.

  7. sweetbuns

    not even going to watch it, I saw previous commercials for this product with the lady in blue and was disgusted then, I guess juveniles are running the show

  8. 'Se

    When I was a kid, i always wondered if the cowboys and indians ever stopped to go poop or pee; then came Santa and I also wonder if he did too

  9. Lee

    ha ha ha ha. Trust the Brits to send up Santa!

  10. phred01

    this coming from a person nick- named sweetbuns?? LOL

  11. CLL

    This is the best Santa TVC ever

  12. Reggie

    Stupid, I will never buy this offensive product, so there!

  13. Robbie331

    This e-mail and video commercial went the rounds last year. I bought a bottle and it works so well that I am now on my second, larger, bottle. Don’t knock the product because you don’t like the messenger. It Works!

  14. Christian Montpetit

    You got sand in your mangina or what ?

  15. Gerry Porter

    I am, quite happily, an 80-year old juvenile who laughed heartily at this lovely bit of humour.

  16. North Pooher

    When is this product coming to Winnipeg, Canada ? I would love to be the first to sample this product and show it off to friends. Especially the love of my life.

  17. North Pooher

    When is this product coming to Winnipeg, Canada ? I would love to be the first to sample this product and show it off to friends. Especially the love of my life.

  18. Lloyd Marion

    Oh John lighten up and get over yourself man!!!

  19. Lloyd Marion

    You can order it online from anywhere.

  20. Lloyd Marion

    I think ÈsweetbunsÈ got something else up his kazoo LMAO!!

  21. Lloyd Marion

    I think all John’s associates run for cover when he goes for a dump LMAO!!

  22. North Pooher

    The Easter Bunny plops out little chocolates. All over the house. Even behind your pillow.

  23. North Pooher

    I thought she was kind of hot !!

  24. North Pooher

    I don’t think John farts in bed either.

  25. Merlinsscience

    Oh please- don’t be such a sissy. There was a time when people understood comedy and didn’t become so absurdly offended by everything that makes them gasp.

    Grow up, shut up and stop being such a crybaby. Can I get an amen?

  26. revkenmcdonald

    Only The Poms can do this and get away with it.

  27. Santa

    you can get an enema LOL

  28. Merlinsscience

    Good. You have embraced capitalism and voted your conscience with your wallet. Enjoy your filthy swamp.

  29. Merlinsscience

    Ok sweet buns, thanks for your insight.

  30. oldabatt

    “the most insensitive, disgusting thing I have ever seen”………so, I am forwarding it to all my associates and family, They must already know what an a**hole you are.

  31. oldabatt

    I guess juveniles are doing the critiquing, grow up.

  32. sweetbuns

    I’m a baker you idiot

  33. phred01

    ok sweetbuns. LOL

  34. phred01

    just because you can’t poop, because other things are wedged up there.

  35. Ian

    Taking all into consideration, the only reason this wouldn’t get played in North America is that it’s too long and would bankrupt most Canadian companies that tried to show it during the Super Bowl and/or World Series.

  36. xtasea

    John’s mad because Santa’s sitting on the loo and not bringing him any presents! ha ha

  37. xtasea

    She’s got a t-shirt that says: “Get your bunns here!” Wish we could improve her sense of humor…

  38. xtasea

    Holy cow! I’m only 73 and I thought it was hilarious! So many funny lines…

  39. a m malik

    Disgusting – to say the least. Plan to wean people away from traditions starting from Santa Clause? This ad should not – in the first instance -have been allowed on the media. But then who controls the media???

  40. G.E.R.R.Y.

    No, you’ll just continue to stink up the house.

  41. rosemarienoa

    Disgusting !!!

  42. JB

    Thats great advertising- send it to everyone you know!

  43. vladilyich

    I am still choking after watching this. My wife says she will order a case of this for use the next time I make Chili.

  44. jeay4nz

    LMASOL, Heh heh, Oh MY GAWD, Never Seen anything so Funny as being Caught out in the DUNNY With St, Nick on Christmas Eve, :-)

  45. Ryan

    Lmao change your tampon you stupid douchebag.

  46. john4637

    get bent faggot, I hope your kids enjoy this trash!

  47. john4637

    feed the trash to your kids

  48. john4637

    Lighten up and force feed it to your kids.

  49. john4637

    interested in my genitals, so of course you would enjoy that smut.

  50. john4637

    get bent azzhole, let your kids grow up on that filth

  51. john4637

    I bet you shzt in bed and kick it out with your feet. Let your kids grow up with the shzt you like.

  52. john4637

    I suggest you feed your sick humor to your kids.

  53. Lloyd Marion

    Awwwww poor John I’m so sorry you lost your sense of humour.

  54. john4637

    At least I retain my sense of decorum and respect for clean traditions!

  55. john4637

    bite me jerkoff! Ryan what a threatening name to be using such tough guy languange!

  56. Lloyd Marion

    Oh yes holier than thou!!

  57. Lloyd Marion

    Well certainly not Santa C-L-A-U-S LOL! Jeez you people act like you never take a crap!

  58. Lloyd Marion

    The Tooth Fairy leaves you money, so you can buy some Poo-Pourri!!

  59. Lloyd Marion

    Bakers get a lot more yeast infections lol

  60. Lloyd Marion

    Firstly it is not out on the mainstream media it is being sold online. You have the right to watch, or NOT watch anything online. Secondly, this product is real and it works, whereas Santa is purely a fictionalized character, What is truly disgusting is someone taking a huge dump and leaving behind a stench that would kill a full grown elephant!

  61. Konrad Wolff

    I guarantee all of this disgusting crap was either created or sold by Christian hating jews.

  62. Uncle Dave Home

    I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure Santa clogged my toilet, and left a note asking for gluten-free cookies in the future. Cheeky bastard!

  63. Andrew George Whitaker

    My stomach never makes noise when I -really- need to visit the biffy.
    Maybe it is just the British… or something in their cuisine ?

  64. Richard

    Putin is coming out with his own cologne. Whichever stench is better can be used to mask the other.

  65. Spyderman550

    I see nothing about this commercial that is funny. What is so funny about looking at someone sitting on the toilet?