Go ahead and file this one under W for WTF Did I Just Watch and wheel my ass to the loony bin, because I was not emotionally equipped to handle whatever that was and it’s done some permanent damage. This is a video of digestive disease expert, Jini Patel Thompson, learning us all about Baby Fart Aerobics, Natural Healing for Colicky Babies. To be honest, I can’t even, but I did anyways. Watching this lady say “fart aerobics” over and over with a straight face really just made my life complete. I will never be the same again. For better or for worse!

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Via: Jezebel


  1. CheekyFelix

    It’s actually pretty helpful. Sooo yeah…

  2. Carly

    Kept waiting for a baby to actually fart or something. This was an informative video if you have a baby, and a boring one if you don’t. Not funny at all however after the silly opening sequence.

  3. Jane

    Wow………….if I wrote a book and made a video 24 years ago when I did what
    we called “fartercises” with my soon……..I could have made some money