What time is it? Adventure Time! Time for that “What Does the Fox Say” song to die! But not before Adventure Time parodies it. As much as I never want that song to assault my earholes ever ever again, if those cartoon homies are dancing their butts off to it, I gotta watch it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Jake. And before you get all judgy about me having a crush on a cartoon dog, you should know that my first true love was an animated turtle. I’m talking about my boo Michelangelo. His free spirit and pizza loving ways stole my tender heart. Stole it and never gave it back. Which is why there’s just a cold, dusty empty place where my heart should be. I’m a shell of a cartoon-loving person! Man, I guess this conversation really turned out for the worst. But what do you expect? It started off with that damn “What Does the Fox Say” song! This is the perfect time to finally put it to rest. And by put it to rest I mean take it out back and shoot it. Shoot it until it’s dead!

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Via: Nerdist