Mom and comedian Erin Keaney stars in this rap music video. It’s an ode to muffin tops. Not the baked good, but the extra bit of body lovin’ that hangs out around the hip and waist. Erin’s message is clear: embrace your body. It’s directed towards moms but I think it’s a message we can all take to heart. Your body is your temple or whater and you gotta honor it and stuff. Personally I like to pay tribute to my own by filling it with pizza and beer and adorning it in windbreakers and sweatpants.

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Via: The Huffington Post


  1. JabberJawz

    That’s not a “muffin top”, it’s a gut. The correct usage of the term applies to the excess flab that hangs from the sides of a person’s pants (giving the appearance of a muffin’s top, hence the name), generally due to their choice in wearing incorrectly sized clothing. As far as “fat pride” goes, or any pride based on laziness or ignorance… time to get on the Pilates and crunches, find a real diet and shed the waist wobble.

  2. CheekyFelix

    You’re seriously trying to correct a comedians rap to post pregnant gut?