Travel shouldn’t be a luxurious experience! Well, it should be, but only if we are talking about your feelings and not about money. You may travel the world without having a fortune you are ready to spend. There are a few tips you need to use to save tons of money and travel on a budget wherever you want to! Visit for guidelines.

  1. Plan in advance

Sounds too simple, but planning is the best way to save lots of money. Firstly, you can order your place at a hotel and tickets long before your travel date. It will already cut up to 30% of the price because the earlier you buy, the cheaper it costs. Secondly, you may calculate the amount of money you may spend daily for whatever you want. You put aside the minimum you need (for food and transport, for example), check your emergency money, and come up with the sum you may use for souvenirs, enjoyable little things, or spontaneous shopping. This is how to save you from last-minute orders, flights, and accommodations and not let you waste everything you have on a whim.

  1. Traveling out of season is cheaper

Of course, there is no reason to travel to the sea in winter if you are going to swim. But there are many tourist places that you can visit anytime and get an unforgettable experience for a much lower price. Do a small research and learn about high seasons in the places you want to visit. Maybe, a month before or the month after isn’t that bad? You may get an entirely different experience of visiting ancient temples instead of lying at the beach or exploring the forests instead of skiing. Each place has lots to offer almost all over the year, and the tourist infrastructure stays the same even out of season.

  1. Use Airbnb or similar services

Hostels, private rooms, dormitories, and other alternatives to expensive hotel suites can reduce your expenses dramatically. Sharing a room or paying a private person spares you the hotel commissions and divides the costs between all the room inhabitants. It is also a way to get another unique experience, make acquaintances with fellow travelers, or feel the genuine spirit of the place, staying in a real room in a real home. It is the way to see the place you travel to from inside, trading extra comfort for saved money, and the possibility to learn something you will never learn in a cozy all-included hotel suite.

  1. Pack everything not to buy it

You may ask an experienced traveler to help you find a perfect balance between the weight and volume to buy only the absolutely necessary things. This advice is definitely worth it. An extra pair of long jeans, a warm sweater, a raincoat, or a hat may save you in case the weather becomes unpredictable. Learn more about the things you consider common. Are they equally common in the place you are going to travel to? Searching for the right toothpaste on the other side of the planet or going on a quest to buy female clothes in a religious country may take a big chunk of your time and budget. So it’s better to have anything you may need with you. Read tips to manage your expenses on

  1. …and be smart about how you fly

Some tickets are just cheaper for no reason. Opt to travel on a Tuesday. Midweek travel prices are lower as a premium is added to weekend flights, and you’ll breeze through shorter queues at airport check-in desks and security. Fly with the economy class too – there’s no need to upgrade, no matter how nice Business Class looks. The money you save on cheap seats can be spent on food or accommodation when you arrive. Low-cost, budget airlines are fine for short flights and regularly have cheap deals. If you’re planning a weekend trip, try to pack and use only hand luggage, saving yourself a bit of money on hold luggage.

  1. Embrace public transport

Buses and trains are cheaper than planes. It’s that simple! The economy class for a train ticket is a great option if you aren’t traveling for days (of course, if it’s safe and available in your destination country). A journey on an overnight train also means you have one less night at a hostel to pay for. You may save a ton just by renting a bike or, on the contrary, buying a trolleybus pass. Learn about the ways the local students travel, and you will unmistakably find the cheapest way!

  1. Don’t eat away your cash

Cheap lunches can be bought at a supermarket or even a local fresh food market, rather than at an overpriced cafe or restaurant. Aim to wander around before choosing a place to eat your dinner too; if you just pick the first restaurant you see, you won’t know if you’re overspending. Drinking beer with every dinner soon adds up – both your wallet and waistline will be thankful if you sometimes opt for water instead. Alternatively, hostels and spare rooms often let you have access to a kitchen if you want to save a little money by cooking for yourself.

Travelling doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby for respectable middle-class people. You deserve to travel anywhere anytime! The planet is yours to explore, and each country has a way to welcome you without taking away your last money. Have a good journey and good luck to you!

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