Other than the ESTA application cost standing at $14, what else do you know? Wait, do you even know that? If nodding in both or either response, this article is a must-read. After all, it reveals a lot of things worth knowing about this fee. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about the ESTA application fee. Read on!

  1. Payment Methods

First and foremost. All the payments are made online when it comes to paying the ESTA application cost. To facilitate the payment, the ESTA US authority puts at your disposal several payment methods to choose the most convenient one. So, what are the options? They include PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover but only the Diners Club and JCB in this case.

  1. ESTA Application Cost Refund

There is no possibility of receiving any refund as far as the ESTA application is concerned. That’s even after your application is denied. The denial means that you will only pay the $4 for the processing fee and nothing more. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you get back the money in any way. In other words, all applicants get to pay $4, but only those that receive the approval get to pay an additional $10 for the rest of the process.

  1. ESTA Application Discounts

The $14 ESTA application cost has existed a while back. Over the period, it has remained a constant, and there hasn’t been any exception, including even a single instance of discounts. That includes even a situation whereby the application is made by the entire family or a group simultaneously.Not even the children or students receive special treatment in this case.

  1. ESTA Update Cost

You may have to change your address once you are in the United States. If such a need arises, it goes without saying that your ESTA needs to follow suit. If you choose to change it, the update will not cost you even a single penny.

Nevertheless, some changes can only be made at a cost. After all, you will have no other choice but to apply for a new ESTA application, thus paying the required price once again. Some of those crucial details include the place of birth, birthday and name. Fortunately, if you passed the first approval, then you can rest assured that the second one is most likely going to be a success as well.


It is interesting how ESTA application is made since no hassle for cash payments. It is indeed beautiful for the US authorities to come up with such a convenient way of facilitating payments. However, keep in mind that discounts and refunds are impossible, and the least you can pay is $14 unless it is rejected.

Updating ESTA often happens, and some changes are free while others are no. These are some of the facts you need to remember regarding the ESTA application cost. They give you an idea of what to expect when making the payment. At least, you will know what to pay, how to pay and other rules and regulations.

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