If you’re anything like me, you’ve always dreamt of marrying a pizza being a mermaid. Up until now I always believed those dreams to be unrealistic and unattainable. And that’s still absolutely the case. But at least we can pretend at The Phillipine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Manila. For just $40 a class you get a mono-tail and lessons on how to work the damn thing, plus other mermaid knowledge like dolphin kicks, hand stands, bubble rings, and where the hell King Triton has hidden your collection of doo-dads and thingmabobs. Are you an aspiring mermaid afraid of the water? Grab some floaties and merman up! Or skip the H2O and be a big merbaby — the school also offers a mermaid makeover for a photo shoot. That’s cool, too. I mean not nearly as cool as being an actual mermaid and dreaming of having legs so you can be with a vaguely charming prince so you trade your voice (which is arguably your greatest asset aside from your amazing head of hair) for the chance of being with him and thank Poseidon your dad is like, the king of the ocean because you totally made some bad choices during this whole process, but he manages to get your voice back and sends you along your way on a brand new pair of — what do you call those again? Oh yeah: feet. Yeah, not quite as cool as that, but pretty cool.

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