Breckenridge is a dream destination for skiers that comes along with irresistible shopping and fantastic nightlife. The soothing and down-to-earth atmosphere of this place has remained throughout its transformation from a silver and gold mining town to the most favorite skiing destination. It also comprises the mountains that offer awe-inspiring views and hiking trails.

The winter season is filled with skiers while the summer opens up hiking and cycling activities. Whatever season it is, the starry skies and sunsets along the mountains make Breckenridge a place worth visiting. If you are planning to visit Breckenridge but are unaware of the routes and places, then this article will help you with the same.

Ways to reach Breckenridge:

To reach Breckenridge, you need to take a flight to Denver International Airport and then hire any shuttle service, rent a car, or take a train or bus. The best way is to take the shuttle because it is affordable, comfortable, and convenient. If you want to travel from Denver to Breckenridge in a luxury private shuttle, then Blue Sky Limo will be the best option. They offer transportation at reasonable rates and make your traveling experience hassle-free by providing top of the range SUVs. You can opt for their services at any point in time and reach your destination comfortably.

Many people also opt for renting a car for more freedom of schedule, but it comes with certain troubles. If you are visiting in the winter season, driving can be tedious and time-consuming if you are an inexperienced driver. Additionally, the parking slots are barely available and can be expensive.

Besides, you can board a train or bus to reach Breckenridge from Denver, but you have to gather information about their timings and routes. For beginners, this can be a daunting task, and hence, it is advisable to hire a private shuttle to make your traveling easier.

Best time to visit Breckenridge:

If you want to indulge in some snowy mountains and experience skiing or snowboarding, then you can visit from November through April. During these months, the temperature hovers around 20 Fahrenheit and 300 inches of annual snowfall is witnessed.

Budget travelers mostly visit Breckenridge in May and October as the mountain thaws during these months, and tourist crowds start decreasing. It is most likely seen as a season of hiking as the trails are more visible and cleared out for walking.

Best things to do in Breckenridge:

Breckenridge is a fascinating place where you can experience the ethereal beauty of snowy mountains and create memories by participating in outdoor activities. Here, you will find some of the best things you can do on your trip to Breckenridge.

  1. Main Street – Shopping / Sightseeing:

Breckenridge’s Main Street is famous for its galleries, bars, shops, and dining restaurants. You can enjoy the tasty menus of local restaurants and then visit the Main Street’s Backstage Theatre to see the play. The shops are budget-friendly and appealing to all the visitors.

  1. Carter Park – Sightseeing / Parks & Gardens:

Carter Park is famous for its sledding hill and is a favorite spot for youngsters. As the snow melts, it opens up hiking trails, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, and baseball diamonds. It is also filled with green space and contains a dog park. Carter Park is free to access throughout the year and is preferred by everyone, including family members and friends. This sledding hill attracts the tourists as most of the spots are free and offer a variety of sleds.

  1. Breckenridge Ski Resort – Skiing/ Natural Wonders / Hiking

The Breckenridge Ski Resort has five peaks, which comprises the southern half of the Tenmile Range. Peak 10 is for skiers who ski with a range of black and double-black trails. Peak 9 is for beginners with blue and green runs. Peak 8 is for skiers of all levels where you can see a variety of green, blue, and black trails. Peak 7 is for skiers with blue runs, and Peak 6 is for skiers with intermediate to advanced trails. This peak also gives a panoramic view of the whole valley.

After the snow starts melting, the Breckenridge Ski Resort makes a place for hiking trails, alpine slides and coasters, zip lines, and rock climbing walls.

  1. Vail Pass Path – Sightseeing

Many travelers enjoy the scenic tour of Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, and Frisco by cycling the 14 miles from Breckenridge to Frisco on the Vail Pass Path. This ride can be done by cyclists of all levels, as it is a downhill ride. You can connect with local tour operators to set you up with a bike and transport to the trail. This trail is accessible all year-round, so there are no specific restrictions on enjoying the ride.

  1. Boreas Pass Road – Sightseeing

Another sightseeing location famous for its atmosphere is the Boreas Pass Road. It is a 20-mile stretch that follows Pacific Railroad and reaches a summit at the Continental Divide. While crossing this path, you will explore some of the unbeatable and exquisite views of the Blue River Valley and the Tenmile Range. Tourists enjoy the golden yellow aspens light in fall. You can hike, bike, or drive through the Boreas Pass Road to enjoy its beautiful views.

In winters, the roads can be icy and slick, and hence the best time to visit this alluring path is May and October.

  1. Breckenridge Nordic Center – Sightseeing

This place is famous for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing that offers 1,400 acres of groomed terrain and breathtaking mountain views. It also provides lessons for new skiers, including both kids and adults. You will also have a bunch of restaurants and lodges to grab a bite or drink and warm up a bit by the stone fireplace.

The reason why travelers prefer Breckenridge Nordic Center is that it offers affordable activities compared to Breckenridge Ski Resort. Additionally, if you want to trade your skis for snowshoes, you are free to do so, and that too at no additional cost. The skiing season at Nordic center runs from mid-November to mid-April.

  1. Breckenridge Hiking – Sightseeing / Hiking

Breckenridge is not only prominent for its ski slopes but also for its hiking trails that allow hikers of all levels to enjoy its beauty. The only thing you need to take care of is to give yourself some time to adjust to the altitude of Breckenridge before you plan a tough hike. For new hikers, Cucumber Gulch is an excellent hike with an elevation of 150 feet and covers more than 2 miles round trip. Besides, the McCullough Gulch is for experienced hikers that elevate to 810 feet and covers up a 3-mile round trip hike.


There are many other locations to explore in Breckenridge, but if you are visiting only for a couple of days, then make sure to add the above-mentioned destinations in your itinerary.


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