People who enjoy watching their favorite Netflix shows will be disappointed to hear that Netflix actively works hard to keep them from streaming shows while they are in China. This means watching Netflix in China is almost impossible because Netflix has geo-restricting policies.

When you try to go through the Netflix library of shows, you can expect to see an error message on your screen. The good news is that with the proper tools you can manage to watch Netflix in China. This post explains the best way to watch Netflix in China.

Understand why Netflix has geo-restricting policies in China

Keep in mind that any entertainment content, such as movies, music, and TV series requires a licensing agreement. So when it comes to Netflix, they are supposed to get into partnerships with specific content providers by doing licensing deals to make sure that you can view movies and TV shows you want.

These licensing deals aim at protecting both the producer and the content. Also, these licensing deals have some royalty agreements to allow the producers of the content to get a percentage of the earnings.

However, the licensing agreements are usually country-specific, meaning they don’t cover streaming outside the specific country where the agreement covers. Now, there is no licensing agreement between Netflix and China because China is quite picky when it comes to allowing content on the internet.

The best way to watch Netflix in China

If you paid for Netflix and are visiting China, then there are good ways you still can watch your favorite shows. You might be wondering how you can do this while in China. Well, you can learn how at Privacy Spark.

The ideal way is to make use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass geo-restrictions, though Netflix takes a hard stance against the use of these and other unblocking tools that allow viewers to bypass viewing restrictions.

Regardless of these restrictions, you can still use a VPN to watch Netflix shows in China. Firstly, make sure to research and download a reliable VPN. Remember that you can find a lot of VPN services that claim to be the best, though few of them target the Chinese market. This is the reason why you should consider choosing a paid VPN rather than a free VPN.

Once you have found a VPN, you need to adjust its settings and server locations. It’s also a good idea to use more than one VPN service so that you have a backup in case something happens to the other one. In China, each location can react differently to VPNs, so make sure you figure out which VPN and server work best depending on the location. Even better, you can try to switch connection protocols.

Lastly, it’s important to be patient and flexible because there is a chance that you can still get an error message while watching a Netflix show in China. When this happens, try to reload the page so that it can reset the connection to allow you to continue streaming. Alternatively, you can change VPN services or servers.


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