This is a collection of photos featuring former Playboy Bunnies. The pics were taken by Robyn Twomey 40-50 years after they originally worked for the boobie mag empire. Looking good, ladies! Seriously. These sixty and seventy year old women look better than I do in my twenties. I hit my peak in my tweens. Those years are usually when people hit an awkward stage and trust me: I did too in a bad way. But at least then I had an excuse. Now? Well there’s no explaining what I got going on. I wouldn’t even call it going on. I’d call it, like, turning off.







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  1. DirtyHot Productions

    beautiful women cheers

  2. Mysterwright

    I’d still hit it! o.o Who knows, maybe they might have cute daughters, nieces, great-nieces, granddaughters, friends’ relatives… :P

  3. Julia Adams Bauer

    to make this relevant you could include their original pictures so we knew who they were or at least tell us what month/year they were issued.

  4. Anonymouse

    Pointless piece without their original shots, or at least names

  5. David Gold

    How do we know these are former Bunnies? No names, no reference to when they appeared in the magazine, no comparison shots.

    For all we know, these were leftover photos from the “Women of Walmart” photoshoot.

  6. Ronnie M

    I wanna see what they used to look like!

  7. Meowmix

    yep, there is a lot of sun-damaged skin in this collection. Yikes!