Want to create a video that you can upload and share on TikTok? To be honest there are lots of ways that you can get that done – and here’s a simple guide on how to go about it.


Upload Existing Video


Assuming you’ve already created your video using any other app, you can upload it directly and publish it on TikTok. To do that just click on the ‘+’ icon then choose the ‘Upload’ option near the bottom-right of your screen.


It is possible to upload multiple videos at the same time, and you can opt to edit the videos after you upload them.


Create Video in TikTok App


If you want you can record and create a video directly within the TikTok app itself. All you need to do is click on the ‘+’ icon to get started and then select the duration of the video that you prefer (i.e. 15 seconds or 60 seconds) towards the bottom of the screen.


In the camera interface you can also select music, AR effects, and filters for your video. On top of that you can set a timer to the recording more convenient.


After you finish recording a video, you can edit it. The editing features in TikTok will let you trim the video as well as add text overlays or stickers. On top of that you can also apply music, AR effects or filters at this point too.


Some videos are created in line with TikTok Challenges, one sweeping the world over at the moment is the #FlipTheSwitch challenge, with the videos racking up 252m million views according to research from Betway.


Create Photo Slideshow


The TikTok app will also give you the option to create a photo slideshow if that’s what you prefer. It can be found by clicking on the ‘+’ icon then selecting the Photo Templates option towards the bottom of your screen.


Within TikTok there are several templates that you can choose for your slideshow, and once you find one that you like you just need to select the photos that you want to add. If you want you can also add a music track.


Create Duet Videos


One of the more interesting types of videos that you can create on TikTok are duet videos. If you find a video that you want to create a duet with, click on the ‘Share’ icon and select ‘Duet’. Try out buy TikTok likes services to improve your duet content’s visibility and enhance your recognition smoothly.


In the interface that appears you can record your side of the duet, then publish the video once you’re done.


Use Songs From Other Videos


Happen to hear a song on someone else’s TikTok video that you want to use? That is easy enough, and you just need to select the video itself then click on the ‘vinyl’ icon that is towards the bottom-right of the screen.


When you click on the ‘vinyl’ icon, TikTok will display the name of the song and you can click on the ‘Use this sound’ button to record a video using it. The app will also display other videos that are recorded using the song, which may provide you with some inspiration.




That should cover everything you need to know about creating a video for TikTok. If you’re not sure which option you should use – why not give them all a try?


Arguably the most convenient way to record and publish videos is to use the TikTok app itself. That being said, you may want to try the other options just to see if you find them preferable.


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