Social media has changed the way we look at things, the way we think, and the way we think stuff, and the way we live. Now that we know that it affects us so much, that means we must be spending a significant portion of our day giving likes to different videos, photos, and posts on social media. People have started earning a good amount of money through social media. Look at the success stories of such people at The question, therefore, arises that how much time do we actually spend on social media? People may also think about the platform that is the most used. So, how to crack it?


Monitoring your activity


Many bloggers and vloggers have been part of the social media-usage tracking activities. They do it to find out how much time they spend on social media. And what do they do off and on media? Some other questions you can find the answers to are in your life better with or without social media? So, one way to get the answer you can monitor your usage activity directly. Smartphones now can track social media usage and you can know what percentage of your day you spend on these platforms. There is specialized software, such as an Indian SMM platform.


Time estimation


In 2012, social media usage was estimated to be around 1 hour and 30 minutes. But with the establishment and wide use, it has now advanced to be around 2 hours and 30 minutes per day. It is also the average use of all the people on this planet.


Many don’t have access to the internet and many spend around 9 hours per day on social media. But the account is for all the people and hence the time is quite less as compared to actual individual results. If you ask me, I roughly spend 8-10 hours of my day on social media.


Why do people spend so much time on social media?


A very valid question that most of the parents of this era ask is what do we do on social platforms? Well, contemporary parents know the answer. But it is hard to explain it to the old-school ones. In the last two decades, the online world has expanded exponentially. Many new platforms have come up to the surface and have been quite popular.


Some of these are so influencing that people are inspired to buy mobile phones because they want to be present on these platforms. It may be funny but nowadays even the poorest of people who find it difficult to meet both ends have smartphones and have installed many social media applications.


What are the most used platforms?


It is a never-ending dilemma because the trends change every day. Some days Twitter is leading the charge, other days TikTok, WhatsApp, and Snapchat are on the top. Out of many social media sites, the most used are:




It has been quite famous for streaming dramas, series, songs, and movies worldwide. Billions of people follow their favorite singers, musicians, and artists here.


It became more famous with the advent of vlogging (video-blogging) and now it also is utilized for earning.


Facebook and Instagram


Started as the hub of bloggers, Facebook is the first social site to storm the world with all types of textual, audio, and video content. It topped the charts for several years with the greatest number of followers. Soon one of its daughter platforms, Instagram got famous and is still in demand for similar content with an extra option to buy followers for better engagement.


Is social media beneficial?


No matter how hard you try to ignore it, you cannot deny the fact that social media has helped us in all ways possible. For example, if you are a student YouTube videos are no strangers to you. Animations and descriptive lessons are so famous that every student utilizes the platform to understand otherwise difficult topics. Apart from YouTube, other platforms are equally informative and educational. Apart from the curricular stuff, you have been connected to the whole world due to social media.


Now you can contact anyone you want to from any place in the world or use a social media panel. It is done in a matter of seconds and you don’t have to work hard for it. Lastly, social sites are a source of income and many people are earning using different social sites. In a nutshell, if we spend much time on social media, it is actually helping us. It actually depends on the user that they want to spend their time doing something productive or not.


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