It’s a common misconception that the best gamers are those who have the most time on their hands. The truth is, many of these players are just very clever and know how to use any advantage they can get. They spend hours researching strategies online and trying out new techniques with different characters to find what works best for them in each game.

And it pays off – some experts make six-figure incomes from playing games professionally! Learn some tricks that will help you play your favorite games like a pro in this post.

  • Add your hotkeys to the game’s settings: Most players have their own set of hotkeys that they like to use while playing different games. For example, some gamers might prefer the W, A, S, and D keys for movement, others MOUSE buttons or key combinations involving CTRL and SHIFT. Whatever you’re comfortable with is what’s best!
  • Learn about the intricacies of each character: Mastering a single character can take years but understanding the basics could make it much easier in the long run. You’ll find yourself winning more often if you know weaknesses from strengths when matched up against an opponent.
  • Learn how to use the map and other features: Many games have a mini-map on the screen that you can use for tracking where opponents are. Others may feature different cameras you can toggle between with hotkeys, while some even allow players to change their perspective in-game by clicking on an object or location. Experiment with what’s available and find out which is most useful for your needs!
  • Join a gaming community (Optional):

If playing against other people interests you more than sitting around alone all day, then don’t be shy about joining your favorite online communities. There are many forums dedicated to discussing strategies, sharing tips and tricks, collecting information from past matches – it could come in handy when developing new plans of attack! Plus, there might be some people you know that live near you and want to play!

  • Save and load at smart moments: This clever trick allows you to avoid costly mistakes by saving right after doing something clever or difficult and loading when you need to replay a particularly challenging section. It also gives you the chance to try out different options for your next move so that you can see what would happen if things go wrong later on in the game.
  • Try your hands at casino games for improving strategic skills: Playing casino games like poker and blackjack has been shown to help improve your strategic skills, which can come in handy when playing popular online strategy games. You can check mega888 for different casino games that improve strategic thinking ability and also serve entertainment purposes.
  • Some clever tweaks to your gaming environment:

If you’re like a lot of avid gamers, you’ve probably got one or two comforts that help make the experience more enjoyable. A good sound system might heighten the audio effects and give off an immersive feeling, while some extra light can brighten up those dark night levels in many games. You could also find ways to increase your sense of touch by adding weighting wraps or putting on gloves with wires that simulate sensations from different surfaces. By tweaking these aspects of how you play video games, they’ll become much more intense!

  • Investigate clever buffs: Buffs are shortcuts on the keyboard that allow you to do a series of actions with just one keystroke. For example, Ctrl+P would automatically play whatever media is currently selected. It’s not only clever gamers who use this technique; some clever players have developed their own clever strategies by using clever combinations of buff shortcuts!
  • Play around with customizing game controls:

Custom settings are often overlooked because it takes time to set them up properly. But they really can make all the difference if used well, especially in multiplayer modes where other people might be relying on your skill level. Try out different clever settings until you find what works best for you!

  • Use clever strategies to overcome difficult opponents: Some clever players have been known to go as far as storing a whole series of actions on the mouse scroll wheel so they can execute them with just one click! These clever tricks might not work in every game, but if your opponent is beating you consistently, it’s worth taking some time to investigate.
  • Learn about new games from clever online communities:

It may seem like an odd place for finding tips and tricks, but there are plenty of forums where clever experts post their greatest techniques. The advantage of getting help from other players rather than developers (who will only give away information in exchange for money) is that these gamers know how each game is played best and can help you find clever new ways of playing that will give you the upper hand. 


Online games have always been a clever way to entertain oneself and make some money, but now the stakes have been raised with clever new tips to help you play like a pro.

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