Destiny 2 is a cult MMO with elements of a shooter where players explore outer space, fight monsters that threaten all of humanity.

Players will have to face many famous characters from the first part of Destiny and the legendary Halo and gradually develop their character, go to raids and strikes, participate in seasonal PVP modes, study the game history and level up.

Leveling is a long, but necessary thing – in order to start mastering the seasonal PVP content of the Trial of Osiris and go to the most interesting – mythical raids, you need to accumulate a large level.

This can be done through the quest system, farming in space, or through the destiny 2 boosting service.

Professional players will get access to your account in order to complete the order and upgrade the main character to the maximum level and prepare him for high lvl content and PVP mode.

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Start of the game – who to play as and what to do


Once in the world of Destiny 2, you have to choose your class. You will have to choose from three main characters.


Defensive Warrior. A tough shooter who can deploy a blocking shield that protects him and allies in a straight line. The class is very strong and can take a lot of damage before running out of health, and can always counter with heavy damage with their steel fists in melee.

With proper pumping, it can be realized as a semi-damage dealer. A tough class, dangerous in close combat, dealing damage to anyone who dares to approach him.


A mid-range shooter with a unique ability to use AoE skills that will either damage enemies or heal and buff their allies.

With the right pumping, all non-shooting abilities of the warlock can be enhanced.

Complex raids and PVP modes are indispensable without a warlock, and in conjunction with a good titan, they can provide good group protection simply by creating a shield and using a healing well.


A shooter with the ability to be effective at any range. But the strength is considered to be long distances. In close combat, he uses daggers and grenades to shorten or increase distance.

With the right leveling, a hunter can become a full-fledged ranged shooter and a real sniper who will deal huge damage to targets, especially in conjunction with a good titan and warlock.


Each class can choose and develop one of the three subclasses available to choose from. The February 2023 Lightfall update will have another active subclass, so we’ll take that into account as well.

Lightning – gives the unit’s attacks a magical effect of lightning, attacking the nearest targets from the character, it is most suitable for the titan, because it gives him the ability to deal passive damage even while holding defense with a shield.

Sun – allows you to concentrate energy to deliver one strong shot of great power. Ideal for the hunter, as it allows him to become a full-fledged sniper and ranged attack class.

Void – significantly enhances the character’s attacks and concentrates the magic of the void. Suitable for warlocks with a build for powerful AoE attacks. Due to the power of the void, these attacks will be supplemented by an enhanced characteristic of the void’s magic.


The first thing that awaits you in the game is a thoughtful training system.

Destiny 2 will teach you the basic mechanics of movement, understanding cover systems, show key weapons and how and where to use them, and introduce you to basic skills and mechanics that will be useful at all stages of the game.

Quests, farming and contracts

Quests, killing monsters and contracts serve as the basis for pumping, getting shines and experience.

Quests are main – plot and secondary. Story quests will guide you through the game’s story, adding value to your adventure and making you more familiar with the gameplay, and will gradually reward equipment and weapons to smoothly guide the player through the starting phase of the game and keep the process interesting.

Gamer using joystick controller for virtual tournament plays online video game with computer neon lights, woman wear gaming headphones playing live stream esports games console at home

Secondary quests are often taken and completed in the same locations as the main ones, and therefore it is recommended to pay attention to them. Subject to a valuable reward of course.


Killing monsters to gain experience and glitter. It is worth choosing monsters that are 3-5 levels higher than you for efficiency. Not as efficient as the quest system, but a good source of glints and support ammo.


Special tasks that are available from mercenaries in cities. Tasks are associated with secondary actions in the game itself. Killing monsters, shooting in the head and much more. Tasks are updated once a day and a week. If you want to take another contract, then the mercenary will ask for sparkles, and thus you can change money for experience.

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