If you learn to enjoy your own company, you will never be lonely. While this may not strictly be true, you can certainly entertain yourself alone, and it is an important skill to know how to enjoy yourself without other people.

With the lockdown put in place because of the Corona Virus, it is the perfect time to try new things on your own. The advantage of trying something on your own is that you do not need to take someone else’s reaction to things into account, acting only on your own desires and impulses.

This is a list of five things that you should try on your own if you are bored during quarantine, or you are just looking for something to do.

Read a Book

You will probably have done this before, and it may seem like such an obvious option, however most people do not really consider it. The difficulty with a book is getting into it, immersing yourself in the words and placing yourself in the characters’ shoes can be difficult.

If you can get past this, then books have unlimited potential, and can be far more rewarding than films. Movies are fast food that is nice to eat but not individual or unique. Books can be anything, but they are a lot more individual because of how much you influence the story as the reader.

Listen to an Album

With so many ways to listen to music, people often forget that a lot of albums are made to be listened to in order, with songs leading to the others and having similar themes.

This is the case with albums of all genres and listening to a whole album continuously can be a surreal experience because it songs do not stimulate us in the same way as other past times.

Play Video Games

A lot of individuals who have never played video games feel intimidated by the industry and have difficulty in the simplest parts of some basic games, so they are worried that video games are not for them.

This could not be further from the truth. There is absolutely a video game for all tastes out there, with games about almost every subject imaginable being made, and so many ways to play each game. Some people prefer to play at online casinos like Betfree and others prefer online video game arcades like Miniclip. Remember that you do not always need to win, you can enjoy yourself by playing creatively instead.

Go on a run

Any form of work out is good use of your time, and you should specify this to your body’s needs. The advantage of a run is the fresh air that you get, and the proximity with nature that you will have. This has proven to help your body a lot, but it also provides aid to your mental health.

Learn how to make something

This sounds very vague, and it should be. Learn a skill such as cooking, or carpentry, or sew dresses, or anything else you could possibly think of.

Making something is a very satisfying process and is also good for mental health. Doing the process and seeing the end result, however good or bad it is, should provide you with inner pride that you will not often feel.


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