Paintball sure is fun! But fun can be quickly turned into anguish, especially if your child gets in an accident. All children are prone to accidents during playtime. The risks of mishap increase when a child is playing with another child compared to playing alone.


Paintball is a dangerous game, and a child playing this game doubles the danger. But do you have the heart to stop your kids from participating in this kind of game? It would be an excellent experience for them. Learning the art of camaraderie and strategizing is the number one skill they will master. It is why you have to know the tips for playing paintball for children. Overall, be sure to follow Airsoft & Paintball Gear Storage Best Practices.


Use Proper Clothing


Being dressed in the appropriate clothing for a paintball game is a must. When you are covering for your paintball activity, choose the garment where you can quickly move. Paddings are also necessary to protect you against the blow when you get hit with a paintball.


Use footwear that will allow you to run with ease and let you move from one place to another without hindrance. By doing this, your child will be able to take part in the game with confidence. Also, do not forget to wear your gear during combat. It will help protect your face, especially your eyes.


Presence of Mind


During the game, you have to be in the right shape, especially mentally. If you have a presence of mind, you will know what strategy to do and what action you should do next. It will also allow you to be more aware of your surroundings, which is a vital aspect in a paintball game.


If you can focus and do these things, you will be able to sneak up to your rival, and you can avoid getting hit. Remember to stop, look, and listen, just like when you cross the streets. It is essential to stop and hide, then look around and listen to your surroundings.


Inspect and Prepare your gear and equipment



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Before you enter the war zone, make sure all your gears are correctly attached to where they should belong. Make sure your mask is secure on your face, not too tight and not too loose. Check your gloves and pads and make sure you are wearing them correctly.


The most important of all, check your marker. Is it already filled with paintballs? Check if it is functioning or any parts are missing. Malfunctioning of markers will not be tolerated and will only let you lose the game.


Owning your Marker


Having your marker is an advantage than renting one. Your child will be more familiar with the marker if they own it. Being able to take care of it and clean it every day will make their hands more comfortable handling it.


Many available markers will fit your child. Anthony Maldonado has written about this fabulous paintball gun. He has a lot of recommendations that might be helpful to your purchase. We also found this comprehensive resource listing different types of paintball guns available on the market which can help narrow down your search to a few markers to choose from.


Do not Tire Yourself Up


It is not a life and death situation and explains this to your children. Kids tend to get excited when playing paintball. They even treat it as a real-life war. But do not forget to remind them that it is just a game. Tell them to take their time and do not get tired too quickly.


Prepare both mentally and physically.


Kids need to be well prepared before going into war. They must be prepared mentally and physically. They can improve their physical skills by practicing before a big game. Kids can also study some strategies that can help them win the game. They can do strategy planning while at home.


Before the actual game starts, ask your child to check the field. Ask them to look for hiding spots that can help them to move from one place to another without getting hit. Bunkers are more effective in hiding within the field.


Do not be too harsh on yourself. Have fun!


Safety Tips for Children Playing Paintball

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Tell your children not to be very serious. After all, it is just a game! The primary purpose of paintball games is to have fun. Tell them it is ok to lose and accept the outcome, whether it favored them or not.


Always remind your child to gain friends along the way, not to lose one. It is where the camaraderie comes in. Learn to accept defeat and be happy with the opponent’s victory. It is also good to join in different teams every time your child enters a game. By joining different teams, children will create new friendships and meet new people every time.




Paintball games are fun activities for adults and children alike. It is a safer version of airsoft and even more fun because of the colorful bullets the marker dispenses. Do not be afraid. Let your child play. Let them meet new people and let them explore their strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, your job is to guide them and provide them with whatever they need for the game.

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