So many factors come into play that determine a school’s success, whether that be a robust curriculum, a specific approach or ethos, and fabulous staff. However, one often overlooked factor has to be aesthetics, with the basics of cleanliness and maintenance playing a significant role in how the school is perceived. An area that needs a lot of TLC due to its relentless schedule and high turnover is the kitchen, primarily because so many children’s health and welfare depend on it. The school, staff, and students can suffer without a safe and healthy kitchen. 

Reasons to Consider a Professional Summer Kitchen Deep Clean

School cleaning is essential, but any maintenance team worth their salt knows too that deep kitchen cleaning during the holidays will set up the school and staff for a clean and prosperous year ahead without feeling stressed or falling behind. But a deep clean itself may feel like a challenge if you take the same approach you would for any other clean. It’s a specialist process that takes more time, energy and effort than a standard clean; however, it will be faster and easier using a professional team who brings the best equipment for the job. In addition, they will know the best methods to get the most out of a summer clean, ensuring nothing is missed. 

Increase Your School’s Safety

A professional and organised summer deep kitchen cleaning schedule means no delay in kitchen service or function during the year. It also ensures no dangerous and slippery surfaces will create hazards, including slips or trips, chemicals breathed in or coming in contact with skin or eyes, or equipment functionality being disabled in the process. It also protects the children, especially those with breathing issues and asthma. Doing a complete kitchen clean over the summer will also mean that when the kitchen team, teachers and students return to school, the environment is safe and ready for use. Plus, a deep clean won’t just sort out the kitchen – it can include the dining room, canteen, and mess hall, including the chairs and tables, to ensure everything is sparkling for the new school year. 

Lengthen the Lifespan of Equipment and Facilities

A dirty and unhygienic kitchen environment can harbour more than just dirt and grease. It’s also a breeding ground for pests and vermin, a massive hazard in itself that can cause various diseases and illnesses, some of which can be life-threatening. But bugs and beasties can also wreak havoc by chewing electrical cables and shredding paper and material. This rodent damage affects the life and functionality of equipment while also causing a serious fire risk. 

A deep clean will also cleanse mould, mildew, and grease off surfaces and equipment, as the thorough wash will cleanse inside and out each appliance.

Reduce the Risk of Fire

Fire is a severe risk to any workplace that uses fire and heat regularly, and grease and grime can increase those risks exponentially. Additionally, grease is also an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and other toxins to lurk, causing cross contamination and health risks for anyone using or eating food from the kitchen. A complete summer school kitchen clean will ensure that grease traps, air vents, extractors, and wherever this flammable substance may lurk, including those hard-to-reach places, are thoroughly cleaned and sparkling. The use of correct equipment and cleaning products makes a big difference in the time and energy it takes to clear the kitchen of grease, so it’s always better to call professionals. 

Save Staff Time & School Money

If your kitchen equipment or any of the spaces for food-making cannot be used due to grime buildup, vermin or general uncleanliness, it can pose significant problems. Not only will the school’s reputation take a hit, but service may grind to a shuddering halt, meaning no food can be served or quality will be impacted. Or worse, service must continue before these issues are resolved. As previously mentioned too, there is an entire range of real and dangerous health risks – such as food poisoning – that can impact the health and wellbeing of students, teachers and support staff. These illnesses can spread and affect every school facet, and limiting attendance. This can be exceptionally costly if a substantial amount of sick pay becomes due, temp teachers need to be brought in to cover classes of a sick permanent member of staff, or parents lose faith in the school facilities and decide to remove their children. 

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Clean Kitchen Air

Ventilation and air quality seriously impact everyone who uses the kitchen space, so for the health and safety of all concerned, a regular deep clean of the ventilation system in a school kitchen is a must. This care for the system will also greatly reduce any fire hazards that may spring up in the kitchen space – commonplace due to the fire and grease issues that come naturally in that environment. The extraction of heat and the pumping in of clean air is vital for a clean and healthy school kitchen space. This will also reduce smoke and other substances from being breathed in. Always check with your cleaner if this is included in the deep summer kitchen clean or needs to be added as an extra.

Book Your School’s Summer Deep Clean with Us

Keeping school premises clean to a high standard required can be a difficult and daunting task for staff members, especially during hectic term time when they are constantly on the go. So use the summer break to take the pressure off your team and call Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London. We are your specialist school cleaning company with years of experience and a team that will sort your school out the first time, giving you more time to relax over the summer. We can also assist with inspecting for damage or specific issues, including pests, mould and mildew. Contact the Grease Gone team for a quote or more information. 

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