Every one of us was born with a piece of innate knowledge or talent that we can build upon, develop and utilize throughout life. If you add to this knowledge and multiply it, you contribute to your growth, whereas if you let it fade away and don’t maintain it, you can lose it to various extents. We live in a mirroring universe, so we can gain or lose equal amounts of the effort we put into something, including a specific skill set. This knowledge can serve you and others amazingly if you are willing to nourish it. It could be your greatest asset to find your calling, polish your skills and integrate them into a rewarding career, one that you are really passionate about

Taking this kind of approach in our entire life gives us the choice to grow up or remain childlike. When you take on too much responsibility in your life as an adult person, depending on your stamina and goals, you will be willing to reduce them sooner or later in your senior years. When dropping your responsibilities, you also let go of maintaining and further developing your knowledge. When you increasingly lose the knowledge that you haven’t used, you first don’t remember things. When you try to remember and force your mind, you realize it is getting harder and harder and eventually you will do so in vain

How Advancing Your Knowledge Can Help You

Contrarily, if you are constantly developing your skills and working on your knowledge, you have a great chance to remember the things you want to recall. However, if you don’t maintain and utilize your skills effectively and regularly, you can lose even the smallest amount of knowledge you gained. Therefore, you can only master knowledge truly if you use it and pass it on to others. For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. (Matthew 25:29)

It is crucial to understand the importance of this phenomenon and develop your skills.

The nature of our knowledge is kind of sticky, if you learn something and recite it, it glues to your mind, and perhaps at least partly the other person will remember it too. Especially something short, like a joke or quote, that’s how they spread so fast and are so popular. This is how knowledge lasts forever, bypassing it onto each other: between generations, our kids, family members, friends, colleagues, and members of our social circles. We also write down our knowledge for the later generations, and the knowledge we don’t use dies out. It is the order of life, we don’t keep using each knowledge forever, the outdated ones no longer help us. 

But those that still build us up, even after thousands of years, are still living knowledge. And then there are those, which are still alive, even though they have been used sporadically. At times, we integrate such oldie, but goldie knowledge, mostly to our current, optimal way of living. With regards to the flow of knowledge, problems usually arise when you think that picking up new skills isn’t necessary or there is no time or space for advancing the knowledge that has already worked for you long-term. But this kind of thinking can seriously hinder your development. New knowledge gained can always help you, while listening to others and being willing to learn from them certainly help the entire society. And we can learn from anyone. 

The Purpose of Knowledge

Strive to learn anything from anyone. New knowledge gained always develops you and often leads you to new opportunities. It contributes to a key aspect of human life: evolution. 

Every living thing or being is evolving, based on the knowledge we want to develop and achieve. At times your path to the new necessary knowledge is crystal clear while at others it is not. Observe your goal to know your right path, and examine your existing foundation to help you achieve your goal. If you don’t have a strong foundation, you can build it and you should do it. 

Our desires are ingrained in us for a reason, sometimes inexplicably. When you acquire new knowledge, you can enrich other lives as well. People become more attracted to you. If you don’t have an idea what you are good at, start learning anywhere or from anyone. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch. Sometimes talent is not as much of a blessing as we think it is, as it comes with responsibilities to maintain and add to it and also use it to the advantage of others. Furthermore, wrongly or incompletely adapted knowledge can set us back greatly and we can start our learning journey anew. Try to avoid such situations, put in quality effort in all you do, which leads to satisfaction and accomplishing your desired results. 

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