This is a common notion that college students have it easy. It is believed that whatever they require is placed right on their palms as soon as they ask for it, whatever it may be, from academic projects to exams. But the scenario is completely different. A college student’s life is nothing more than a bed of stones. The rigorous curriculums have got the best of them, this is when they have to come up with various ways to improve their productivity and motivation. The internet is their saviour. It provides them with information regarding studies, assignments, future profession, study material for exams etc. To decide which professor to take classes from can be done with the help of the internet and various websites. Mr. Salmon is one of the online java tutors who suggests a few of these websites too.

There was a time when students buried themselves in studies and research work, kept digging deeper in encyclopaedias, but now the scene is no more the same. Anything they need there are certain websites to come of help for them. Many apps and websites have come up to improve their skills on time management, writing power, planning, brainstorming etc necessities of a student’s life. Here Is a list of top 15 websites which helps the students to perform well in their college life.


Forget about writing notes and spending on pens. This extraordinary app focuses on digitised writing in classes and at home. Quizlet provides you with a number of flashcards, games and more things related to every chapter. This makes learning a lot easier than before.


If you use this widget get sure to be praised and loved by your professors in no time. They appreciate a no grammatical error paper or assignment and this will provide you just that. Prevent having any kind of spelling and grammar mistakes whenever you are typing something on the web browser. This website is far more advanced rather than the normal spell check tools you have used before. There is a different set of thesaurus present to choose better words in your writing.


Wolfram Alpha is like a search engine on steroids, as it can perform calculations of all sorts, consisting mathematics, nutrition, science, engineering and more. The website has a plethora of facts, information and data to help you shine through your university assignments.


Koofers helps you to browse through old test papers and exam sheets so that you can also prepare yourself from there. This serves as an amazing site providing various exam papers from the same school you are in and also by your professors. You will also find reviews written on the courses and grade distributions and also other study materials.


This is the phase that demands you to be independent and also find innovative ways of doing your homework and studies. Wikihow is an excellent and resourceful website providing material for college students inside and outside of the classroom giving you an insight not only on ways to manage a budget to doing your own laundry work. It is descriptive with pictures and good illustrations. It always provides me information to do my homework for me.


Staying updated as you grow up is necessary. When you grow up you cannot just remain unaware of your surroundings and to the world. This app is a daily email newsletter to which you can sign up for reading newspapers easily, keeping yourself engaged and increasing your interest.


No more spending money on a huge number of books. Rent and buy books for your studies hassle-free from eFollett.


Good habits can make things easy and hard similarly. But there are apps in today’s world which will help you to get there. It makes things interesting. Habitica “gamify your life” by helping you achieve goals in a fun way. The app tracks your progress and grants rewards for productivity.


How much is it possible for you to collect information and prepare your own notes? This app helps to prepare for the tests with handy flashcards and other organised resources for class notes and more.


Use information from this page because Wikipedia is the answer to all your questions. This website has a lot of information that can be beneficial. But make sure you judge the facts before learning because inaccuracies in your answer will make your performance go down.

  1. THE OWL

You can’t memorize everything like the MLA and APA formats of writing. Luckily, you don’t have to cram all the information in your brain thanks to websites like The Owl. Purdue University Online Writing Lab has developed this site which helps in guiding through the formatting of any papers you’ll have to write during your college experience. The site has extensive information about research and citation.


You are studying to find a good employment scope. Indeed, is one such site that will aid to this need of yours. You can upload your resume for the type of jobs you think suits you best. Ronald, taking data visualization online courses, has created an account indeed and is quite happy with the responses. 


This is the world’s easiest cloud-based storage service. It is a free service allowing you to store, create and access the files whenever you want. Save paper and save time. There is also no chance for you to lose information. The choice of editing by multiple users is also available here.


TED TALKS is another website for you to browse on news from around the world. You get projects and assignments, which involves a great deal of research work. That is easily done by this app.


Use this scientific calculator to get your job instead of spending hundreds on buying a calculator. All kinds of sums in mathematics and physics can be solved through this website.

Make the most out of your college life

Being a student can be loads of fun, yet it can likewise have a ton of work to manage. Making new companions, finding your way around Turnitin and evading essential cash errors. The battle is genuine. Make an effort not to get too stalled in the subtleties however. All things considered; college is what you think about it.

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