Worries grow in Australia that the large numbers of overseas students may affect the academic quality and leave institutions economically vulnerable. Let`s talk about how international students can change Australia`s universities.

Nowadays, Australia provides high-quality education to not only its residents but to those students who come from abroad as well. People are flocking from all over the world to study in Sydney or Melbourne. Though, there are many issues related to this immense popularity of Australian universities among the international students. Even though there are a lot of different cultures being represented by students, Australia remains the top choice for those who originate from China. As a result, there are many difficulties and not so positive consequences that Australians are worried about. So, let’s get into some of them.

International Students in Australia

In 2017, the total number of enrolled foreigners was about 800.000 students. A shocking figure, right? What if I told you, that the total number of students in Australia was 1.3 million? As we see, more than 75% of all Australian students are those, who mostly have English as their foreign language. What does it mean for locals, though?

First of all, cultural diversity grows in big cities, which may be either positive or negative. From one point of view, multiculturalism helps society develop by loaning different things from newcomers. The exchange of culture and experience may have a positive impact on society. Moreover, the extreme popularity of Australian universities brings a lot of revenue, which also has a positive impact on the economy. Moreover, the Google search for assignment writing service Australia has been skyrocketing recently. Which means that such service as professional academic writing has been on the rise and is unlikely to lose its popularity any time soon.

But what are the risks of such interaction? First of all, the over-reliance on the international students and the money they bring puts the Australian government into a vulnerable position. Given that almost a third of international students come from China, the latter may manipulate the government by using the revenue as a means of pressure.

Moreover, many Chinese families have invested in business in Australia, making the latter highly dependent on the development of these ventures. This all is added up by the fact that China is the biggest Australia trade partner. For those who believe in different conspiracy theories, the situation may seem like a deliberate plan of peaceful conquest of the Australian soil. True or not, but the situation may logically result in similar thoughts, and that is why more and more Australians get worried about all of this.

International Students in Australia

Quality of Education

Attractive to rich Chinese international students, many Australian universities have been lowering the admission requirements to make up for the lack of knowledge of the English language. Of course, English is the most popular language in the world, and it is easy to use for everyday communication if compared to any other. Though, it may take decades to really master it, especially if you are not of European origin. It all happens due to the fact that European languages have a lot of things in common, whereas Asian languages are quite different. Because of the linguistic peculiarities, Chinese people often struggle, when trying to learn English. Just imagine what happens, when they are trying to get a degree, whose program is taught exclusively in English.

Just like admission requirements, the overall quality of education drops dramatically, since the majority of students have English as a foreign language. What can be evidenced in this case is that native speaker have to struggle and learn less efficiently since the subjects are being simplified for foreigners. Unfortunately, there are no universities in Australia for international students nowadays, so natives have to study together with the newcomers.

International Students

Thus, the whole Australian higher ed seems to be suffering from the flow of internationals. On the other hand, professional assignment writing services are overly popular in Australia nowadays. It may sound weird, but those students who are eager to learn more about their subjects and master their majors could work as service providers for rich Chinese international students who seem to struggle with their written assignments, thus earning extra money to spare and becoming more skillful in their respective fields.


As we can see from the article, multiculturalism is not always a good thing, especially if treated without caution. Even though there are some positive effects of the great number of international students in Australia, the negative effects should also be respected. What the Australian government should probably do is to pay more attention to the dangers that might arise in the nearest future, if they keep encouraging the decrease in the admission requirements. What seems to be forgotten by them now is that it is Australians that will stay and work for the country, it is Australians, who pay the most taxes and have all opportunities to bring the country on the new level of development.

Author’s bio: Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living. Now engaged in travel around the country and writing.

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