Summer school used to get a bad rap, thanks mainly to overly dramatized depictions in comedy movies. Invariably, scenes at a summer school would depict ne’er-do-wells and underachievers, their feet reclined on a nearby desk, sweating through a long, dry lecture as the other kids played just outside the window.

But is that really what summer school is like? Well, no, actually. Summer school is an enriching and welcoming addition to a traditional school year. There are several reasons a student might want to enrol.

In this post, let’s correct a few of those pervading myths about summer school by setting the record straight. Here are three common myths about summer school – debunked!

Summer School Means Sitting in a Stuffy Classroom

This myth might have been true thirty years ago, but it’s no longer the case. Nowadays, you can take summer school online from the comfort of your home computer. If you want to take a vacation with family or a cottage trip with friends, you can simply pack your laptop and take your learning with you.

All you have to do is enrol in an accredited online high school that can give course credits toward your diploma. Then, you can work at your own pace (according to your own summer schedule) to complete the course material.

Summer School Is Just for Students Who Failed

Summer school is an essential resource for students who have failed a course; it’s an all-important second chance to stay on the academic track without falling behind. But summer school isn’t just for students who failed a course.

There are several reasons to take summer courses online. Perhaps you didn’t get the mark you hoped for in a course and want to retake the class to boost your grade average ahead of college applications. In this case, you can take an upgrade course to improve your overall marks. Maybe you’re missing prerequisites or admission requirements for a particular university program, or you want to get ahead in high school in the hopes of graduating early. Summer school offers advantages for a diverse range of learners.

It Doesn’t Let You Enjoy the Summer

Online summer school is flexible. You can start when you want, finish when you wish, and study when it’s convenient. It doesn’t require you to sacrifice your summer enjoyment.

As mentioned, if a friend invites you to their cottage for a few days, online summer school won’t hold you back. You can either take your laptop with you, or take a couple of days off, resuming your studies when you return home. If you have a summer job, you can schedule your studies around your work schedule. Despite how the movies depict it, summer school doesn’t require you to sit at a desk for seven hours a day.

Hopefully, this article clears the air on summer school. If you want to learn from home, get ahead in high school, upgrade your marks and still enjoy the summer, summer school may be ideal for you.

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