Snow is the leading cause of over 17% of car accidents in the United States annually. The risk increases as 70% of the roads are covered in snow, the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) data shows. Snowy weather and slippery roads make a terrible combination for drivers. Not only does it make driving super difficult, but it poses a safety risk. Land Rovers give drivers the confidence they need for seamless navigation on snowy roads. This feature-packed vehicle makes driving comfortable and safe. However, the 4×4 needs the attention of the best Land Rover repair shops regularly for optimal functioning.

Look for a trusted land rover mechanic in Houston, TX, and get your car serviced to ensure a safe drive on icy roads. In the meantime, check out the top winter tips for safe winter driving.

Prepare Your Trip in Advance

Bring your car to Land Rover repair shop for a pre-winter check before you embark on a long road trip. Preparation includes much more than giving your vehicle a good wash.

If you want to enjoy a safe drive, check whether the tires are inflated properly and if the car battery is running well, say experts at J&T Automotive, a leading Land Rover repair service in Houston. Tires struggle to get the right traction on icy roads, which is why driving in winter is often a challenge for even experienced drivers. To keep the tires rolling, use a stable momentum when driving in snow. Drive slowly, especially if you notice the wheel spinning or sliding. For your car to run smoothly on a snowy road, it’s important that the tires gain a proper grip.

Double-check the tires to ensure they have enough tread and the right pressure. Road accidents in winter occur due to overinflated tires, which reduces traction.

Inspect the Brakes

Hard braking is a big NO for drivers navigating icy winter roads. It causes the vehicle to skid, leading to reduced traction and car accidents. Start gently and slow down the speed before using the steering wheel. Do not turn the steering wheel while accelerating.

If there’s an emergency braking requirement, use the ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system for safe braking. Hit the brake pedal tightly with your foot and the system will be activated.

Clean for Improved Visibility

Clean your windshield and wiper blades to ensure good visibility. Also, clean the roof if there’s snow accumulated there. The snow can roll down the windshield, obstructing your view.

Wash the brake lights, rear-view mirror, and headlights for a proper view of the road ahead. You can use lukewarm water for effective cleaning, but it’s generally avoided in winters, as it can make the windscreen crack (due to the sudden temperature change).


When planning a long road trip in winter, always keep your fuel tank full and carry the basic winter car accessories to navigate properly, says the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety. Have a de-icer, snow chains, jump leads, and a light bulb kit in the trunk for an emergency. For further assistance, visit Land Rover repair shops that serve areas 77055 & 77024.

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