This is an intersection in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It doesn’t have any stop lights to direct traffic so traffic just… well, I don’t know what you’d call it. They figure it out. Somehow! Me, on the other hand, man, I’ll just take the bus. Not really by choice, but because I lost my license after I drove through a 7-Eleven. I could have SWORN I was in reverse.

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  1. hicoteo

    Yes, most people in developed countries are like drowns guided by electronic devices and would freeze up this situation. But these people, who some call underdeveloped, are able to get through this busy intersection without traffic jams, relatively few accidents or wasting electricity on lights. They are free radical thinkers!

  2. felps1

    How do they determine liability? Imagine being an defense attorney

  3. radical thinker

    They don’t have any attorneys; so there are no wrecks.

  4. tnuocca


  5. Bob

    Oh I’d love to see you cite your sources for “relatively few accidents.” I can almost guarantee that not a day goes by without a minor fender bender and probably something worse. But I’d love to be wrong.

  6. ckmccormick

    The video is sped up to make it more impactful. I slowed it down in settings to see the people walking at a more normal speed – it was still pretty impressive. Imagine people actually paying attention and watching out for each other as they are traveling!

  7. Albert Brown

    Also they don’t have liability laws. It makes for some really defensive drivers. I was involved in two accidents in Paris over 7 years working there. In the first, the two drivers (I was in the back) got out looked at the damage, yelled at each other for 15 minutes, then got back in their cars and drove off.
    In the second, I hit a Mercedes in a round-a-bout who had the right of way as he was entering the circle on my right (I was looking for my exit up ahead).
    In the midst of heavy crazy traffic, he stopped, got out, studied the damage to his car, waved to me and got back in and left. I was too afraid to get out of my car which I later returned to the rental agency (I always get the full insurance overseas).

  8. mjazzguitar

    In America people in the rotary have the right of way.
    It seems to me you would have gridlock if you had to allow everyone to enter.

  9. Mike

    Gimme that any day over Red Arrow lights at every interestion and lights that stop you at 2am on a weekday morning. Perth Western Australia is a place for stoopid drivers and stoopid roads.

  10. Eurasian

    I’am from Europe and ALL traffic on the round-a-bout, have the right of way. So in this case you had the right of way. Therefore he waved to you and left.

  11. Jarhead64

    If you beleive this I’ll sell you bridges…..

  12. haitchem

    Notice the beautiful paving job. They could teach some of our Road Dept bozos something.

  13. RS

    Cool. No gas wasted at stoplights or signs.

  14. TRTx

    Keep watching the pedestrians….

  15. Ed Hamox

    The yield signs are for the entering traffic,…..but no one knows what ‘yield’ means. To some it’s STOP!!! to others it’s just pull on with no consideration of anything else.

  16. reddog44

    A little exaggeration on the speed, but may still be realistic at 10 miles an hour.

  17. Prez

    Someone gets out of his car, opens the boot, then gets back in and drives off. WTF?????.

  18. RyanNerd

    This reminds me of a freeway in upstate New York. It was called the can of worms. They had flashing yellow lights warning drivers to slow down. To stay on the same freeway you would need to cross 8 lanes of traffic. Not as crazy as this video but it was intense…

  19. AHH!!!

    much easier when it was camels and

  20. DOT director

    This is possible because nobody there owns a cellphone. LOL !

  21. CJ

    It just goes to show you that the world can exist without complete government (city, state, federal) control! I thought it was totally amazing, no accidents! They actually figured it out on their own.

  22. Stephan

    Probably shared this VIDEO cause it`s the first time in 50 years they had NO ACCIDENT….LMAO

  23. Anna-rose Smith

    This is one of the poorest countries in the world?

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