A car that started as a low-end sedan and hatchback back in 2004, Kia’s Cerato has seen immense success over the years, taking on the giants rather gracefully. Cerato has now come close to taking on the Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla, a feat that wasn’t thought possible for the ‘cheap’ car.

Kia Cerato reviews have been highly positive after 2013, especially because of its cost-effectiveness. This car is a complete package for families and officials as it comes with a great design, a lot of space for the driver and passenger, the latest technologies, and safety, among others. Now, Kia is also offering longer warranties with the car.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest addition to the Kia Cerato family and see what it has to offer.


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Also known as Kia Forte in the US, this family and executive car is a blend of luxury and style thanks to its seamless interior and sleek exterior. It is made for pedestrian safety as well, offering protection to those inside and out of the car.

Production 2003 – Present
Models 2004 – Present
Body 5-door hatchback

4-door sedan

Price A$25,490 – 35,290
Engine 1.6 L Alpha II I4 (gasoline)

1.8 L Beta II I4 (gasoline) (China)

2.0 L Beta II I4 (gasoline)

1.5 L U I4 (diesel)

1.6 L U I4 (diesel)

2.0 L D I4 (diesel)

Fuel Capacity 14.5 gallons (55 litres)
Mileage (Petrol) Hwy/City 16.5 kmpl/15.1 kmpl
Mileage (Diesel) Hwy/City 21.2 kmpl/20.1 kmpl
Horsepower (Sedan) 112 @ 6,200
Horsepower (GT) 150 @ 6,000
Displacement 1,999 cc
0-60 mph 7.8 sec
Top Speed 194 km/h

Our Review

It’s sleek, it’s comfortable, it’s cost-effective, and it’s fast. Kia Cerato checks almost every box you could ask for in a family or an executive car. It is available in a wide range of colours (10 options), ranging from clear white to graphite, black, and orange.

The 2021 model also has all the coolest toys you could ask for thanks to its generous range of equipment. Unlike some rivals, there is no Kia Cerato review that suggests that something is missing, considering the price point.

Kia has done a remarkable job in ensuring that all the features in the car are high quality and not their cheaper alternatives, meaning that profit wasn’t the primary motivation behind this beauty. Available in three trim levels (LX, EX, and GT), it has a driving style suitable for almost every driver out there. The star here is its spacious cabin and high storage capacity.

It offers more space, more comfort, and a luxurious feel to those in front and the rear alike. The EX comes with a premium leather steering wheel as well as a push-to-start system. The drive itself is smooth, especially its handling. The car picks up pretty nicely as well and the breaks are equally effective.


There’s a reason why this car is considered to be the ‘best value for money’ Kia out there. You might not have any trouble finding other sedans just as spacious (if not more), have similar features and a premium feel to it like the Cerato, but they might cost a fortune.

It is an excellent car for those looking for a versatile car. The fact that Kia’s cars are relatively easy on maintenance is also a huge plus in its favour. You might find that the car tends to get quite heavy, pretty easily, though. The car is slightly wider and taller, which might not be such a good thing in traffic or when there is a tight parking space.

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