Are you prepared for the unexpected?

To be a better driver you must place yourself in the best position ready for any situation. Now, this would bring us to the definition of what a defensive driving technique is all about.

Defensive driving techniques are techniques that prepare one for dangerous situations on the road; it requires having general knowledge of guidelines and techniques of driving. It prepares road users on how to react to anything that may happen in the course of driving. This also reduces accidents.

These techniques include;

Fix your eyes on the road

This point cannot be overemphasized due to its relevance to the topic before us. Look at your surrounding environment gives you an idea of how to drive and what the traffic situation will be ahead. It’ll allow you to think about how to divert any mishap from another driver.

Do not make assumptions

This has caused lots of unnecessary automobile accidents since one driver thinks that the other is aware of his or her presence while in the real sense the other driver may be on a call or having thought running through his or her mind. So, you should give signals before making a turn to ensure that the other road user is aware of the action you wish to take next for safety purposes.

Be Alert

If you feel tired or sleepy, you should leave the wheels and take a nap as it makes you feel refreshed and alert to continue with the journey ahead. When you’re feeling sick or under an influence; say alcohol can affect your level of alertness and ability to react. One last point you should take note of is “do not sleep behind the wheel”

Make sure to maintain a safe distance

Maintain a safe following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you; this is a general rule of driving. It is necessary to avoid accidents and even incurring expenses for damages you may cause to the vehicle in front of you if you drive into it.

Get used to the roads

Not all roads can be found in a good condition when there’s a heavy downpour or under construction. So, to keep safe, regulate your driving speed at which you drive on a better road and slow down with the sole aim of getting to pass that road safely.

Don’t be in a hurry

Don’t be in a hurry to reach your destination and in doing so overlook road signs. This traffic flow is there for your safety, so bypassing them can bring about road accidents as other drivers may not be able to predict your next action.

Increase your visibility

Ensure that you use all the signals like;

  • Using the turning signal
  • The brake lights
  • The headlight when it is rainy or dark

These defensive driving techniques are not just road rules but guidelines to give an equal reaction to the unexpected actions that may occur on the road and, this is what a safer drivers course tends to offer drivers who want to be better than before.

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