Complex powertrain upgrades and typical visual changes transform luxury sedan into the all-new Brabus 800

Even though the Bottrop-based company has become famous for its unique tuning style, the fact that it releases new cars ever so often makes them worthy of attention every time. As if the AMG changes were not enough, the E 63 has now undergone another performance treatment so as to become the Brabus 800: a super-sporty sedan or station wagon packed with an insanely powerful engine, menacing looks, typical Brabus parts and, of course, some charming extravagancies.

First of all, it is interesting to discuss Brabus’ naming structure. Numbers like that “800” currently go from 550 to 900 and indicate the car’s new power; there may be several models with the same level of tuning. The 800, for instance, is also applied to the S-Class (S 63 sedan and coupé), G-Class (G 63 SUV and pickup with several different trims), and AMG GT (four-door coupé). The E-Class sedan and station wagon are simply the latest ones to join this party.

Under the hood, there are two new turbochargers, remapped ECU, upgraded air intake, and high-performance exhaust system to improve the original 4.0-liter V8 paired to a nine-speed automatic gearbox and the 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system: the result is 800 hp of power (hence the model’s new name), 1000 Nm of torque and the subsequent three seconds from 0 to 100 kph and 300 kph of electronically limited top speed – 0.5 faster and 50 kph higher than the original AMG model.

When it comes to appearance, the exclusive body kit enhances the E 63’s large grilles with red  accents up front and a carbon fibre diffuser on the rear. The sedan gets a trunk lid spoiler as well, and both available body styles allow you to choose from a range of Brabus wheels whose diameter goes up to an impressive 21”. External upgrades include an optimized air suspension which lowers  the ride height by 10 or 20 mm depending on the selected driving mode.

The 800’s cabin receives aluminium door pins and pedals and may be equipped with a variety of Alcantara and fine leather upholstery options along with wood or genuine carbon fibre accents. Besides that, Mercedes’ logos were replaced with Brabus ones everywhere and you will find scuff plates with the backlit Brabus logo which appears in the same colour as the ambient lighting when the doors are open. It would not be a true Brabus car without exclusivities like that, right?

Speaking of exclusivities, Brabus gives you some other options to customize your E-Class sedan or station wagon. While the “Brabus 800” is a complete tuning package applied to the stock model, you can ask the company to customize your car with only the Brabus parts you wish. Besides, thathigh-performance exhaust system comes with a “quiet mode” to keep the car’s flashy character to its looks. Do you think these models have what it takes to deserve the Brabus badge?

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