Did you know that there is an in-car microwave? Well, this is just a small {and portable} microwave, which is designed to be used in the car. The microwave gets its power from the 12V lighter socket in the car. This way, you can enjoy your favorite meals when they are hot without the need for carrying a hot pot with you.

In this article, we will be discussing some important things that you should know about the car microwave, and if you need one. So, before you consider buying the best car microwave, here is what you need to know about these appliances.

Who Should Buy an In-Car Microwave?

Okay, just because you own a car doesn’t necessarily mean that you should purchase the portable microwave. Instead, you need to consider some factors and determine if you really need it. That said, here is the right person to purchase the in-car microwave:

  • A person who owns/rents an RV

If you like traveling or camping in an RV, you are one of the top candidates for an in-car microwave. Getting the regular microwave would need you to purchase a converter before you can use it in the RV.

  • Those who spend many hours in the car each week

If you are married to your job, and you spend between 20 and 30 hours in the car every week, you will need to get a car microwave. But it doesn’t have to be for work purposes only. As long as you spend over 20 hours in the car, even if it is for personal reasons, purchasing an in-car microwave would be good for you.

  • Those with short lunch breaks

Here is another point that touches on those with a job that demands too much of their time. If you don’t get enough time to return home for lunch, you can get in your car and warm some food in your microwave.

  • Fast food trolley owner

If you own a fast food trolley, an in-car microwave should be one of your top appliances to have. This would help you to warm burrito or a hot dog for a customer that needs a quick bite.

Furthermore, the in-car microwave can be used by college students that drive back home during the holidays or school breaks. Also, it can benefit those who live in mobile homes and caravans.

Categories of Car Microwave Ovens

These small and portable appliances come in different categories, and you should always choose the one that suits you best. Let’s explore them.

  1. By the Power Source

Well, we did mention that the in-car microwaves will use the 12-v lighter socket, but that’s just the most popular power source. Generally, here are the three main power supply of in-car microwave;

  1. 12V in-car microwaves. These units use the car battery directly for power supply.
  2. Lighter Socket Units. These microwaves that the most common on the market, and they will use the lighter socket, which doesn’t use too much power.
  3. USB-Powered Microwaves. With these microwaves, you can connect them to your laptop, portable charger, or any other device with a USB port.

Always ensure that you choose the type that is best suited for you. If you live in an RV or you will be in the car for more than 5 hours, you can learn some quick and easy microwave recipes.

  1. By Heating Technology

The heating technology will also vary from one microwave to another. Generally, they come with two different heating technology; convection and inverter technology.

  • Inverter Heating Technology is mostly found in the high-end portable microwaves, which lets you maintain a consistent 50% power supply. This way, you can cook food without the worry of burning them.
  • Conversely, the convention heating technology will blow the heat in every direction over the food rather than specifically warming food in portions. Microwaves with convection heating technology will cook food faster and more even.

Ensure that you understand the heating technology before you buy any.

  1. Countertop Microwaves

These units will sit on a flat surface, and they are ideal for vehicles with enough interior space. An RV would be the ideal vehicle that goes well with a countertop microwave. These microwaves need optimal venting, which is why you need to have enough space in the vehicle.

  1. Over-the-Range (OTR) Microwaves

These units are built in, and they will hang over your range to save space. They need an electrician to install and are also best suited for a vehicle with a large interior space.

  1. Portable Lunch Box Microwaves

These microwaves are the ideal units for any type of vehicle, including the small cars. They come with the design of a lunch box, which keeps the food cool and fresh before you warm it.

There are also built-in units, which will usually come with the vehicles. These will mostly come in large and luxurious vehicles like RVs and even some limousines.

Should You Buy a Microwave For Your Car?

Assuming that you have already decided if you qualify to purchase an in-car microwave, it would be important to learn about the benefits of getting one. Here is why you should get a microwave for your car:

  • It saves you money. You can prepare meals at home and warm them in the car during those lunch breaks. No need to go to a restaurant.
  • Some can cool and cook food at the same time. The lunch box microwaves have been designed to act as coolers and oven too. You can keep your food in the microwave for a few hours, and it will remain fresh until when you need to warm it.
  • They can act as emergency microwaves. In case of a power outage, you can rely on these microwaves to warm your food at home.

With a microwave for the car, you will enjoy a lot because you can be sure of eating hot or warm food according to your liking. Just ensure that you pick one that is suitable to use in your car specifically. Even though these microwaves are different from the regular units used at home, you still need to follow the general microwave care tips for you to enjoy using them for a long time.

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