A classic car is called a classic for a reason. These pieces of the machine are timeless, often awarding value that modern vehicles cannot bring. If you are looking for a rugged and non-mass produced version of a car, then the antiques are for you.

While they look incredible, there are some functional drawbacks. These can be easily enhanced with the help of some technological additions. The fleet business has been using this trick for generations. For example, a fleet management software is a small value-add to any fleet that electronically manages all the fleet workings.

Here some of the most prominent additions that can bring both charm and functionality to your old motors.

01. Safety Dashcam

Depreciation is the biggest curse of automobile buyers. The moment a car hits the streets, it’s value drops substantially. There is no way to halt this drop, but it can be controlled with continuous care and caution. The use of dash-cameras does just this. It’s like having surveillance on your car.

Such a device will also reduce the cost of insurance and keep your mind from worrying when left parked in the open.

02. Advanced GPS

If you do not already own one, it’s elementary to buy a GPS tracker for a car – irrespective of the model. These do not just record your location or show you routes; they can also be programmed to give you engine data and clock your miles more judicially.

They can also enable mobile tracking with a dashboard or trigger alerts that work as a car alarm.  The bigger vehicles of today come fitted with such tech already. For example, you can ensure their safety and track school buses because they come with such tech and advanced tracking options.

03. Blind Spot Camera

Unlike a dash camera, this is for driving assistance and not for surveillance. Older cars have low reaction times and run differently as compared to modern cars that are electronically tuned.

Having a simple blind spot camera ( and reverse camera) will ease the stress of driving. They work as an accessory while parking in tight spots. It also helps make better lane changes when stuck in a sea of modern cars on the expressway.

04. Voice Assistant

Voice assistance will considerably boost the charm of your old car. We are used to using these voice assistants in our daily life, at home, and at work. Why not add them to your vehicles? These can help you navigate routes, play music, and prompt reminders.

If your car has a lower battery threshold, then a voice assistant will draw much lesser power compared to a display screen. They also look discreet and blend well with all kinds of interiors.

05. In-Car Entertainment

Suppose you wish to go a step further than add an in-car entertainment system for the back seat’s comfort. Especially if you are planning on taking long hauls, or pass the keys to a chauffeur. The in-screen unit can also be placed in the car’s front to serve with media, maps, and music settings.

Most older vehicles do not support complicated elections such as these, so ensure you rewire and renew your car battery before making such an upgrade.

06. IoT Operated Windows

A simple IoT trigger can link your car windows to your phone. This feature will give you remote access to them without fiddle with the windows’ ancient mechanical design.

Use this as an opportunity to get an upgrade: tinted and better-insulated windows to keep up with cooling. Having fewer air-leakage will also give better fuel-efficiently and more satisfying cabin comfort.

07. Phone Media Capabilities

If you are hesitant to invest in a self-sufficient media unit for the car, you can get one that works as a phone media screen. These connect to your phone (ApplePlay for iPhones and Android Auto for Google phones). These devices let you use all the functionality from your phone on the car with a touch panel.

All the applications like the music player, maps, and voice-call can be possible using this device. It merely works as a reflection of your phone.

08. Heath Diagnostics Devices

This tool can be one of the essential instruments to increase the life of your old car. They are small electronic units that connect to the car’s system and provide the car’s health details. They provide all information like idling, fuel consumption, power drain, miles clocked, and much more.

The advantage is that they are computer generated and saved on your phone as permanent records. This information can also provide you an edge with insurance payments and control the devaluation.

09. Tire Sensors

A very unconventional and underappreciated addition to the car is the tier sensor. There are virtual devices that track the air pressure and temperature of the car’s tire. A small sensor placed on the wheel sends an update to your smartphone, which acts as the receiver.

This device helps maintain a better wheel life. Especially with older cards, finding replacement parts becomes an expensive affair; this process will gauge the usage and wear better.

10. Pre-Set Jump Start Kit

While the focus was to enhance the old cars’ aesthetic and functional aspects, there is nothing more unattractive than a vehicle that fails to start. Having a small jumpstart kit in the glove box of your car is a sound investment. They cost very little money and are a lifesaver for any car older than twelve years.

Additionally, if you add tech upgrades to your car, there might be a chance they can malfunction and drain your vehicle. In such a case, the jump start kit is the only tool you will need.

In Conclusion,

Changing the color and altering the bodywork of your car will ruin its authenticity. Think of modification as a way to highlight the beauty of the classic car and not redo them. If you do not fully understand a car’s working, do not add tech without consulting with an expert. A small fault can damage the existing electronics of your vehicle if they are not compliant.

Lastly, Use only authentic and compatible parts and systems. Do not cut corners to save costs The most significant asset is not the add-ons, but the car itself.


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