Can You Spot The Snake In This Image? & More Incredible Links

Can You Spot The Snake In This Image? & More Incredible Links

The internet is freaking out trying to spot the snake in this image. I can’t see it! Can you??? I’m scared!! [Uproxx]

A croissant and tortilla hybrid is here and it’s called THE CROTILLA. [Foodiggity]

Animals who don’t know how furniture works. Because furniture is hard! [Sad and Useless]

The USPS released a heat-activated moon stamp! [Geekologie]

Meet an aurora named Steve. [USA Today]

Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance as Jack Sparrow at Disneland. [Today]

One college is offering a class Game of Thrones! Allow me to be the first to say: cool school. [Hello Giggles]

A man named I Love SPAM just got married at the SPAM Museum but I can’t get a text back. [Foodbeast]

There’s a Jeff Goldblum food truck. Just add that to the list of Things That Make You Say “Wait, What?” [Eater]

Another thing to add to the “Wait, What?” list: Nordstrom is selling jeans that look like they’re covered in mud for $425. [New York Times]

Love beards and unicorns? You gotta see this unicorn beards makeover! [Bustle]

And finally, here’s a dog eating a banana. [Pleated-Jeans]

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