The Deal With It Robot Puts Your Shades On So You Don't Have To

Remember Youtuber/professional maker/robotics enthusiast Simone Giertz? Previously she’s brought us a popcorn machine helmet, the lipstick robot, that slap happy alarm clock, and many more shitty (her words, not mine! OK, fine — mine too) inventions. Apparently not everyone’s a fan of her work, so she made a robot just for those folks. It’s a Deal With It robot. As you can see, the sunglasses help block out the haters. Me? I like to keep my haters on full display. My top 8 haters are my top 8 on Myspace. Damn yeah I still use Myspace! Haters love hating on Myspace. Someone’s gotta give the haters something to hate on. We all have a purpose in life.

Via: Digg

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