Incredibly Crazy Candy

Incredibly Crazy Candy

Candy comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Whether you like sour candy, gummi bears, or chocolate, there’s a candy out there for you. Candy goes way beyond simple flavors though. Check out some of the weirdest, wackiest candy known to man.

Uncle Urnie’s Candy Ashes

Uncle Urnie passed away, and now all that’s left are his ashes. Fortunately, they taste like sour black cherry instead of death and sadness. Uncle Urnie might be gone, but his ashes are still here, and they taste great.

Tomato Candy

When you think of sweet delicious candy, what flavors do you think of? Cherry? Chocolate? Grape? How about tomato? It may not be the sweetest thing around, but hey it’s still a fruit, and apparently, that’s enough to qualify the tomato for its own candy.

Sour Flush Toilet Candy

Under normal circumstances, you probably wouldn’t want to eat anything that came out of a toilet. Sour Flush Toilet Candy might be the only exception to that rule.

Kit Kat Bench

I always thought Kit Kats looked like tiny chocolate planks. The Kit Kat Bench is a great place to let your gummi bears sit down for a few minutes… before you eat them.

Toxic Waste Candy

Well, if you’re eating candy out of a toilet, eating candy out of a toxic waste barrel is the logical next step. Toxic Waste candy may be sweet, sour, and delicious, but we can’t guarantee it won’t turn you into a three-armed mutant.

Zombie Truffles

On Valentine’s Day, it’s tradition to get your sweetheart a heart shaped box of chocolates. If your special someone has fallen prey to the zombie infection, get them a heart shaped box of candy brains!

Gummi X-Ray Fish

Most gummi animals don’t have anything on the inside except for more gummi goodness. The Gummi X-Ray Fish has a system of organs and bones inside. Don’t worry, all those bones and organs are also made of gummi candy, so even the bones will taste great.

Onion Ring Mints

When your roommate is getting ready for his next date, switch out his regular mints for Onion Ring Mints. The results will be hilarious, we promise.

Deo Perfume Candy

Deo Perfume Candy actually makes you smell better. After eating this delicious candy, you’ll exude a delightful smelling oil from your skin. Oh, and their sugar free, so they’re not bad for you. Is there anything this candy can’t do?

Anatomically Correct Gummi Heart

Not only does it look exactly like a human heart, it also bleeds when you cut into it. Yum!

Candy Glass Bottle

Here’s a fun party trick – once everyone’s good and drunk, get one of these candy bottles, and start chewing on it without letting anyone else in on the joke.

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