Pushpins That Look Like Bugs

Pushpins That Look Like Bugs

CB2 is selling Insect Pushpins. A set of 4 tacks with attached handmade clay ants and mosquitos will set you back just $10. They look life-like enough to roll up a newspaper and — SPLAT! — you just knocked everything off your inspiration board. How will you find inspirado now? Also, killing bugs is pansy stuff, folks! Grab a cup, shoo them in, and then release them into the wild where they belong. If you think you’re scared of bugs, try to imagine how they feel about you! You are like, infinitely bigger. All they’ve got on their side is the ability to crawl into your mouth/eye/ear holes at night and lay a billion eggs in your skull. And that, my friends, is why I stuff all my orifices with toilet paper before I go to sleep. Ain’t nobody gonna put a bunch of bug babies in this head!


Via: Design Fetish

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