This is a video of youtuber marinavshifrin’s resignation from her job. It’s basically her dancing to Kanye West’s “Gone.” Actually, I take it back — that’s exactly what this is. In the vid description she complains that her boss only cares about quantity and not the quality of material they produce. She’s hoping this video proves that quality matters. I’m not 100% sure how her white girl dance moves proves anything but DANCE LESSONS, but who am I to judge? I’m the lady who was asked to leave a club for busting out the macarina. But why? It’s a classic! Still, since Marina describes herself as a comedian, the authenticity of this stunt is suspect, don’t you think? I call shenanagins! But fake or not, this vid’s going viral because everyone can relate to it — we’ve all imagined telling our respective bosses to f*** off in some unforgettable, grandiose fashion. Except me of course! Haha, please don’t fire me.

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Via: Thought Catalog


  1. Dev Chang

    I’d marry her just to see the “i want a divorce” video

  2. Allen Woffard

    I call dibs!

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