Starting a career in hand treatment might be difficult, especially if you have no prior experience. Some employers will not hire you, and the pressures of being a recent graduate might be daunting. Due to a lack of experience, it might be challenging to work in this field after graduation, and some outpatient clinics like hand therapy in Melbourne will not hire you unless you have some form of mentorship, as elaborated below:

Take the role of an Assistant to A Hand Surgeon

Prior to working as a hand therapist, shadowing a hand surgeon is a fantastic experience that will help you become a better therapist. Begin by contacting your local hand surgeon’s office and requesting permission to observe a procedure. You might utilize the surgeon as a referral if you get to know them better. Observing a surgeon is a fantastic way to meet new people. You will already have someone who knows you if you decide to start a private hand therapy practice later.

Create a Network of Hand Therapists

You might not be able to find a career as a hand therapist soon after graduation, but if you want to get your foot in the door, start by networking.

Join a social media network to inquire about job openings, and stay in touch with colleagues already working as hand therapists. For job openings, contact local therapy recruiters and outpatient clinics. The possibilities for networking are limitless. Hand therapy groups are small, and you might be surprised at what you can accomplish by reaching out to these small groups of people.

Man in occupational therapy with therapist training his dexterity at the rope board

The More Experience You Have in This Field, the Better

It will take longer to get started if you have no prior experience, but it is possible. If you don’t have any prior experience, it’s advisable to start shadowing a hand therapist right away or find a clinic that will mentor you. Finding a center with many hand therapists is ideal. This might be a surgery center with a number of hand surgeons and therapists. These jobs are typically found in more densely populated areas. Start shadowing a hand therapist or offer to work for less money until you become trained if you don’t reside in a big city. Experience is the only way to gain confidence as a treating therapist, and it will help you become a better one.

Learn How to Splint Properly and Quickly

Any skilled hand therapist must be able to splint effectively and quickly. To splint correctly, you don’t need to be an artist, but your splints should aim to keep the patient safe and functioning. Splints should also be attractive to the eye, although this takes time to master.

Start with thick cloth or cardboard to hone your splinting skills. Cut out a variety of splint patterns. Have a hand therapist examine your patterns and offer suggestions on how to improve them. Anyone will hire you if you have hand treatment experience and can splint properly and quickly.


Working in Hand Therapy clinics like hand therapy in Melbourne has proven to be one of life’s most gratifying occupations. Starting can be difficult, and you may find yourself in situations unsure of what to do. It all comes down to having a network, experience, and mentor.

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