Most of the students in college will undergo internships. But have you ever wondered if it is even worthwhile or purposeful? Well, some may say yes, some will say no, while the others will say that it depends on the place where you will intern.

However, whether you agree with an internship or not, internships are still required and an integral aspect of any student’s academic life. Especially if you are a student with a technical background, you must complete an internship to gain hands-on experience and practical learning. Also, it will serve as a guideline and support for you to improve your professional aptitude, character, providing you with more possibilities after college. With this in mind, one can hardly doubt the fact that student tech internships are essential.

To give you the best opportunities for your internship, WriteEssayForMe has compiled a list of top internship programs currently provided by the world’s top tech giants. 

How To Get Top Tech Internships

Now, before we get too enthusiastic about the potential prospects that await you after internship and college, let us first highlight the importance of selecting one of the best technology internships we have provided here for you.

The recruiting process for most of the top tech internships usually takes around 2 to 3 months. So, we strongly advise you to begin your search for a place to do your internship as soon as possible, mainly if you aim to do it at one of the top tech companies worldwide—three months before the internship start date, at least.

Aside from the availability of internships from various companies for the whole year, it is still found that many companies often offer internships in the summer. So, we may also suggest seeking in advance these companies that offer summer internships.

Now, to help you find the ideal internship program, we have gathered and compiled various studies from different websites and articles that review the best tech companies that offer an internship program you can attend.

Best Technology Internships Programs

Before the best technology companies that offer various internship programs, let us first know which internship program is the best for you. To determine the different internship programs, we have here below the list of the best technology internships programs:

Infosys InStep

This fully paid internship program intends to offer you the chance to work on innovative and emerging technologies while also assisting you in gaining international work experience and developing a worldwide network.

General Dynamics Information Technology Internship

Interns will have the opportunity to gain personal experience as a General Dynamics IT employee through this internship program. Interns will have real-world duties and tasks along with seasoned executives and other bright, driven individuals.


Exelaration resolves the STEM skills gap by engaging interns of different backgrounds in the tech industry through their award-winning internship program. In this program, interns gain practical experience and a wide range of skills under the supervision of  Exelaration’s professional technicians.

NetApp Internship Program

Interns work in nearly every business function of NetApp, which has offices grin several locations worldwide.

Best Tech Companies For Internships

  • Google

According to one of the websites that we have gathered, Google Inc. is considered one of the best tech companies for internships. One of their approaches is providing free online services such as aiding browsing Maps, Chrome browser, E-mailing, Google Docs, etc., which are paid off by generating advertising traffic. Their approach is to provide free online services such as aiding browsing Maps, Chrome browser, E-mailing, Google Docs, etc., which are paid off by generating advertising traffic. And so, it is why they recruit and offer a wide range of internship programs to students in various departments within their company to work with these services they provide.

Moreover, the often period of work that Google offers is 12-14 weeks, and the various internship programs that they offer are:

  • Software Engineering Internship
  • Engineering Practicum
  • STEP (Summer Trainee Engineering Program) Internship
  • User Experience Internship
  • Associate Product Manager Internship
  • Mechanical Engineering Internship
  • Hardware Engineering Internship
  • Business Internship
  • MBA Internship
  • BOLD Internship
  • Legal Internship
  • gCareer Internship
  • NASA

NASA offers an internship program for 10-16 weeks every year, and it comes with three sessions within the year, which are in Fall, Spring, and Summer. NASA’s internship programs are remarkably great; they pay them with a stipend and let their interns and scholars utilize NASA’s unique scientific, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce to grow and boost the capacity, diversity, and size of its future workforce. 

  • Amazon

One of the strict and recognized worldwide corporations is Amazon. It is a rigorous workplace, which requires competence and communication skills. So, the chances to work or go on into this company are limited and difficult.

However, if you try to get into their internship program, there would be a higher chance for you to be hired at their company. Also, this internship program will help you in two ways: you will get work experience, and your employment chances will grow.

  • Microsoft

Aside from being one of the most prestigious tech companies worldwide, Microsoft is also known for its top tech internships. Their internship programs are constructed to seek those who wish to motivate others by demonstrating the power and promise of technology. 

Moreover, their internship programs are not the typical work you would expect. They usually deploy their interns into different departments to work on real-world projects, software development, and more. So, you are likely to gain rich hands-on experience at their company if you choose to pursue an internship there.

  • Facebook

Facebook offers an internship program to students and graduates with the best leaders and mentors, has a significant effect, and has hands-on experience. The construction of their internship program made them one of the best tech companies that offer internship programs, says Glassdoor.

In addition, Facebook helps their interns have fun outside of work by organizing tours to sporting events, community outreach projects, social events with Facebook leaders, and other activities.

Top Tech Companies To Intern For

Aside from the best tech companies for internships, we have also compiled a list of the top tech companies to intern for, which may help you.

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Goldman Sachs
  • NASA
  • L’Oreal
  • Disney
  • Morgan Stanley

Best Tech Companies Summer Internships

To further broaden your choices in looking for companies that offer a tech internship program, especially in the summer, we have here a list of the best tech companies’ summer internships:

  • Summer Internship Program by Google Inc.
  • UNESCO’s Internship Program for Alumni
  • Internship Opportunity at UN
  • PayTM’s Summer Internship
  • Summer Internship by ADB
  • Amazon’s Summer Internship (Software Development Engineer)
  • Intel’s After College Summer Internship Program

The check was done without the list of Google programs 

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