Every business, regardless of its industry, niche, size, product or service, needs high-quality video marketing. While content is still king, it’s no longer restricted to the written word.

Complement your website, blog and social media with engaging video marketing and you’ll tap into an even larger market. Continue to tailor the nuances of your video marketing content to your target buyer personas and the video content you create will compel those viewers to move through the sales funnel.

Embrace the Rise of Video Marketing

Nearly two-thirds of all businesses have incorporated video content into their marketing for good reasons. Video engages a target audience in a way that text, often, cannot. Video marketing expands your reach to those who gravitate toward visual presentations as opposed to the written word. Younger age cohorts, especially, are highly responsive to video content.

The power of video marketing is its ability to show rather than tell. To the surprise of some, 8 in 10 people prefer video marketing to text-based marketing. The trend toward video marketing is likely to continue as younger demographics continue aging into early adulthood, a period where they are coveted by businesses as they have that much more disposable income to spend.

Be it a product or service, many effective marketers understand showing how a value offering solves problems is more important than telling the audience about it. Embrace video marketing, use it as a complement to your current marketing campaign and you’ll engage your current audience on a deeper level.

Engagement is the Name of the Game

The appeal of video marketing lies in its ability to quickly and deeply engage viewers. Since it takes considerably more effort, patience and time to process the written word, many are opting for video content.

Focused videographer editing movie on professional computer sitting at desk in business office at midnight. Creative video editor working at night at new project processing audio film montage.

Through video marketing, you can create artful video presentations with a clear and cogent message and your target audience will thoroughly understand your offerings. Video marketing benefits are highlighted by in-depth engagement as video content connects with the audience more effectively than text.

Videos are Becoming a Key Component of SEO

There is a common misconception that online text presented through blog posts, website pages, social media and review indexes is all that matters in the context of search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. As time progresses, video is becoming much more important to SEO pushes. Optimize your video content with the right qualifiers and supporting information for enhanced SEO. Once you’ve done that, be patient and it won’t take long for the intended results to manifest.

As an example, it is in your interest to add meta descriptions, keywords, titles and descriptive video rich snippets featuring keywords, key phrases and localized information your audience is likely to search for. Google, YouTube and other search engines consider this SEO information when conducting online searches for information, highlighting content that features these keywords to help searchers quickly find relevant content.

Video Marketing Creates a Rapport

Consider the psychology of the average customer looking for a product or service provider in their local area or on the web. Most people are more inclined to trust video content presented by a trustworthy employee of the business, spokesperson or presenter, rather than faceless text presented in a series of paragraphs. Consider the following video marketing statistic: nearly three-quarters of those who viewed an explainer video followed through with a purchase.

Prioritize the verbal explanation or demonstration of how your unique value offering solves problems. Then, maintain the focus on that importance throughout your video content and it will steer viewers toward conversions.

In addition, use video as a chance to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Video marketing provides a unique opportunity to put your brand’s unique emotional component on display, so tell a brief story that has the ability to connect your followers with your brand on a deeper level.

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