Showing that your customers are important to your business is not only a good move as far as your customers are concerned – but will also have plenty of benefits for your business too. This is because customers that get special treatment are more likely to purchase again. It will strengthen the bond between your business and the customer, making them even more loyal to your business and your brand name, should you have one.

However, it is important to show your appreciation in the right way. Some types will encourage your customer to purchase again, whereas others will simply be for their own personal benefit. It is up to you to choose how you want your customers to feel.

#1 Offer special deals

Everybody appreciates a special offer, and your loyal customers are no different. However, to ensure that they understand how important they are to your business, you will need to make sure that they are tailor-made.

  • Discounts – for instance, discounts can be given on your customer’s favorite products and the ones that you know they will take advantage of.
  • Free shipping – Free shipping, although enjoyed by everyone, will be even more appreciated if you are talking about pallet loads or tracked delivery methods.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 free – you’ll know that this is not only welcome by most consumers but is also taken advantage of because many stores offer this deal to their customers repeatedly.

#2 Provide free gifts

Freebie gifts are usually used as an encouragement for your customers to make purchases, but they can also be used as a method of saying thank you. Added to orders as a little surprise can make a customer feel valued as unlike the special deals, your company will not benefit from the gifts provided.

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  • Gift cards – gift cards, for instance, are great rewards for consumer loyalty and will be for a particular store such as Amazon. It will be there especially for your loyal customers to treat themselves on your behalf. This is a kind gift and shows that your customer is worth more than just the orders that they place.
  • Complementary products – or of course, you can add a complementary product to your loyal customers’ order as a present. This could be something from your own range, a full-sized product will be far better than a sample-sized one, or it could be a quality piece of customized swag. When choosing your complementary product, you should ensure that you choose something that will be used. Otherwise, your gesture will not necessarily be welcomed.

So, to wrap it all up

Showing your loyal customers how important they are to your business can be easy, and it is a step that you overlook at your peril. Loyal customers that receive perks and bonuses due to the amount of custom they send your way are likely to buy more and tell others about it – which will result in you acquiring even more customers.

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