You might be eligible for compensation if you sustained an injury at your workplace as a result of someone else’s negligence. These claims normally are referred to as personal injury claims. If you suspect that this is your case, you might want to arm yourself with a Boston workers compensation lawyer to guide you through the process and fight for your rights. But before you do, here is a guideline detailing how to obtain workers compensation for an injury in Boston. 

Report the Incidence to Your Manager 

The first step to take when obtaining compensation for injury is to report the incidence to your manager, supervisor, or authority at your workplace. Any injuries sustained in the workplace become an employer’s responsibility. 

Report it immediately because as time elapses and your injury heals, it becomes incredibly difficult to prove that you were injured while on duty. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately 

You will need valid medical reports from your doctor showing that you were indeed injured at the time you filed the injury claim. It’s important to know that insurance companies and your employer’s lawyers will try to counter your personal injury claim in every possible way to avoid paying for the damages and expenses. 

Ask your doctor to copy everything about your injury, document them, and preserve them for future use. You might also want to get a timestamp that verifies you were injured at the time you reported the incident. Ignoring medical attention will only harm your case. 

Lodge a Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Claim 

We understand that legal fees can push you away and discourage you from hiring a Boston workers comp lawyer. Unfortunately, taking this route could harm your case worse than you expected. 

A workers compensation lawyer will guide you on the right format, time, and way to lodge the compensation claim to your employer and relevant authorities. Avoid making mistakes that could discard your case by following an expert’s instructions. 

Assemble Your Own File and Journal

Although often ignored by most victims, creating a journal and file, documenting your experiences with the injury and procedure might come in handy at some point in the claiming process. 

For instance, when you compare your own files with that of your employer’s, you might stumble on some inconsistencies. Your documentations should protect you from falsehoods that may come in the way of your claim and compensation. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Seek Legal Help

Apart from guidance, a Boston workers comp lawyer will represent your interests before the involved parties and fight for fair compensation for your damages and injuries. 

The law language is a bit complex for the average individual to comprehend. An experienced lawyer in workers compensation and personal injury will break down the clauses, contracts, and help you understand your legal rights. 

You significantly raise your chances of a win when you have a lawyer on your side, representing you either in court or among other parties. 

Your workers compensation lawyer will also work to prove your innocence and gauge the right or fair amount of compensation you deserve. Be sure to select a reputable and experienced lawyer specializing in workers compensation cases. 


Settlement processes are often lengthy. However, in most cases, they are worth the fight and wait. While damages and injuries are priceless, you should aim at getting compensated after filing the claim appropriately and having a lawyer by your side. 

If you suspect that another person contributed to your injuries sustained at your workplace, you have the right to fight for workers compensation. These above-discussed steps will guide you through the procedure. 


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