If you have been wondering about how you can make some extra great money, then the reality is that you can truly earn a lot of money when you write an educational blog.


  1. Place ads on your site.


It can be lucrative to place ads on your site. However, care should be applied when doing this. This is due to the fact that too many ads on your site can prove to be frustrating to readers. 


It is, therefore, much wiser to strategically select some of the best ads to place on your site. You should be paid well for these ads since you are deciding to place fewer ads on your site.


Do keep in mind that when you agree to place ads on your site, you are exposing your reputation. Your integrity is on the line. Consequently, it is imperative to allow only ads that align with your values and purpose.


When readers see that there is a link to a particular company on your site, this presents the idea to them that you are providing an endorsement of the company and what it is offering. That is why it is highly important for you to be choosy concerning these links.


  1. Create products and resources to sell. 


You should feature your own products and resources by mentioning them in your blog posts. Do not give out all the information for free. People should pay you for your expertise. 


You have a right to let them know how they can get your products, such as on Omnipapers.com review blog. If you sell them from your own site, do so. Or if they are being sold on another platform, provide a link where they can get the products and resources.


  1. Use the sidebar and bottom space on your website.


You may have your own products and resources that you have created and wish to sell to your readers. That is very good. 


As mentioned in the last point, you are encouraged to feature these items in your blog posts as a way to entice people to buy them. But this does not mean that all blog posts are to be only about your products and services that you want people to buy. 


If you do this too frequently, people will think you are coming off as too pushy and will likely not buy these products. But if you are wise to use the sidebar and the bottom space of your side instead of putting the ads of others in those pieces, you can place your own products and services there. In other words, you will use those spaces as ads for your own products and services. This will not seem too pushy. This will seem just like a regular ad similar to the other ads on your site.


  1. Do affiliate marketing.


The affiliate marketing can be presented on your site. Instead of only writing posts about your own products, affiliate marketing is when you are writing posts about the products of other people.


It is noted that you can then link to the various products and resources that you want your readers to buy. Again, it is not wise to harp on all your blog posts about one particular product. It is best to write posts about various types of products. This can generate a good income for you. 


Also, you can provide some ad space on the side of your site or at the bottom of your site when you are not writing articles about the particular affiliate products. They will seem like the other ads on your site. 


Thus, your readers will not feel overwhelmed that you are only promoting your own products. They will see that you are truly vested in their wellbeing by mentions valuable products and resources from other companies and people.


  1. More doors can open for you.


Be consistent in posting on our blog. Provide content with value. There truly is a high level of value in doing this due to the fact that over time, this could lead to other amazing writing opportunities for you. Some companies may invite you to write for their site or some other publication. 


This could prove to be lucrative for you, so always do your best on your site. It will truly be worthwhile.



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