Workplace violence is unpredictable, and the only thing in your hand is to stay prepared for such situations. To prevent workplace violence, employees must understand what to do in an emergency and the company’s response. Companies must identify risk factors in their workplace and how their employees work, take the appropriate precautions to restrict those risks, and create a unique team culture to lower the likelihood of workplace violence. Organizations can also conduct workplace active shooter training to prepare employees for such circumstances. 

Workplace Violence 

Workplace Violence includes acts of physical violence, killing, shooting, verbal abuse, or any harassment activity toward employees. Workplace violence may impact employees and visitors, clients, and others. 

Active Shooter

Active shooters are those who intend to kill people without any reason. They mostly attack in crowded places or enclosed areas. Active shooters are equipped with advanced firearms and handguns and randomly shoot people without any reason. 

Coping with an unpredictable active shooter situation

Situations involving active shooters are unpredictable and can turn into a worst-case scenario in no time. The only thing in our hands is to always be prepared for such unwanted situations. Generally, the situation remains active for 15 to 20 min before the cops arrive.

  • Before you visit any place, check security levels and potential threats in any facility you visit.
  •  Check out all the possible nearest exits. 
  • If active violence occurs at the workplace or enclosed, don’t try to run; remain there and hide if possible.

When an active shooter is in your vicinity

Decide right away how you can best defend your own life. In an active shooter situation, keep in mind that consumers and clients are likely to follow the lead of employees and supervisors.

  • Evacuate: Attempt to leave the building if there is an accessible escape route.
  • Hide:  Find a secure spot to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you 
  • React: Take action as a last option when there is no scope for escape and your life is in danger. 

Workplace active shooter training

The best way to prepare your employees for an active shooter scenario is to develop an emergency action plan (EAP) and run drills. Thanks to the EAP and training sessions, your staff will be well-prepared to respond and effectively reduce loss of life.

Training can be a tremendous advantage. Employees are given the knowledge and abilities necessary to fulfill their program-related tasks and assistance in understanding the overall process.

When it comes to training against workplace violence, managing a violent scenario is typically the main focus. But educating staff members on practical and empathic communication skills is equally important. It is capable of stopping violence before it ever starts.

Preparing and managing the workplace Violence

Planning for violent cases, such as an active shooter situation, is something your human resources department and facility management should do. By implementing the following procedures, emergency planning can lessen the likelihood of an event.

Responsibilities for human resources

  • Create a method for reporting warning indicators of possibly violent conduct.
  •  Provide counseling services to employees. 
  • Create an employee assistance program (EAP) with policies and procedures for dealing with active shooter situations and after-action planning.

Workplace Violence Policy

A documented policy should be a key component of your strategy to prevent workplace violence, including addressing issues related to pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment & unlawful acts in the workplace. An approach that briefly but clearly states your position against active violence and other aggressive behavior. You can either create a policy for fighting workplace violence or use various pre-existing rules. Your workplace violence policy can include laws and actions against harassment.

Business Woman In Office In Stress And Despair. Stop Hand Gesture

Ensure the workplace security

More than anything else, workplace violence’s escalating tendency needs to be addressed. Employers must actively participate in workplace violence prevention to reduce the risk to workers, damage to property, or loss of productivity.

Understanding the problem is the right approach, and taking action is the next step. Additionally, the moment you decide to talk about it is almost perfect.

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