Small business owners are struggling with establishing their businesses regarding their niche. The competition is growing every day, and consumers are becoming demanding, changing their needs and behaviour patterns. Alongside marketing, owners of these organisations should also perform lots of tasks on a daily basis to achieve success.

Even though marketing has long been considered the last step in business creation, the situation has changed. Marketing should be started even before the product launch to give your company time to grow and develop. However, the trends are changing so fast, so it could be a challenge to identify which one should be considered for the next year and which are not.

We created a list of the most interesting marketing trends, especially for small businesses, to help you clear the picture of the current market. Choose the ones that suit you best and give them time to see results. If they don’t work, move to the next ones.

Personal Branding

Unfortunately, modern marketing doesn’t work as efficiently as before without having a brand. It is also one of the key reasons for you to start investing in marketing as soon as possible, developing a strong brand name. Regarding the industry you work in, we recommend you explore your competitors and identify what makes you different to pitch it in your branding.

Create several social media accounts, and invest in press releases to attract attention. You should show people what your goal is, how your brand looks, how you talk and what you provide on each and every platform you have. You want consumers to recognise you and your brand the moment they see it. If you want to achieve this, make sure you have a strong online and offline presence – social media accounts and visiting events.

Marketing Gone Meta

Meta is hyping now. The next big disruption in marketing will definitely be through the Metaverse. However, there is a question – will your small business be ready to enter it? The Metaverse refers to a virtual world where people can communicate, sell, buy tokens and even attend events. Even though the Metaverse still needs time to develop, as it has been launched recently, experts believe it will definitely attract businesses all across the world and require marketing teams to adjust to new realities.

Below you will see a few ways how your small business can enter the Metaverse in 2023:

  1. Use AR and VR to offer an immersive experience for your clients.
  2. Build NFTs that can be used by your clients in the Metaverse.
  3. Use blockchain to provide a secure and decentralised way to store data and perform transactions.

Build Your Community

Communities are becoming more and more popular. Businesses should now have to invest money in the user engagement to create communities for their audiences. The reason for this is simple – consumers become more active and engaged when they feel they are around a strong community. In addition, companies that have communities tend to have a stronger brand.

Data-Driven Content

Based on Hubspot research, up to 54% of most consumers prefer videos to written content. Do you know something like that about your target audience? What do they like? Do they belong to this percentage? Studying the data is essential for any business since now decisions are made only after collecting enough information about your target audience.

Content can be your key to success, but small business owners can’t rely on guesses. You should always know what your clients want to see, how they want to see your content and what they are interested in. Powering your decisions and SEO for small businesses with data can maximise results and save you money.

Strategic Partnerships

You can be one step away from the investor or a potential business partner who can help you run a more profitable business or can change the trajectory of your business. The problem here is that you may not know where to find or what to focus on during the search. That is why networking is gaining popularity and has become essential for any small business today. Networking can also bring referrals and allows you to exchange clients if they suit you or your business partner company.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining popularity thanks to the popularity of social media. Influencers are people having communities or a large number of followers on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to promote your product or service to a specific and highly active community, you can partner with influencers. Followers tend to trust influencers, so if they share their products or services, you will attract active and ready-to-buy clients.

But you should ensure that your influencer has a good connection with the audience. When evaluating an influencer for your business, consider the following factors:


How many clients will they be able to reach with a post?


Do their followers interact with their posts?

Small business woman Worker delivery service and working packing box, business owner working checking order to confirm before sending customer in post office, Shipment Online Sales with barcode scanner.


Is the audience relevant to your business?

You should also consider factors like what they usually promote. How do they do this? What results does a business get? Small businesses usually benefit from a small yet relevant target audience. This means you don’t need to focus on influencers that have millions of followers and cost millions as well.

Final Thoughts

Small businesses have to start thinking about marketing to stay ahead of the competition in 2023. However, there are so many trends that should be followed while also taking care of other business aspects. Consider those we mentioned in the article and give them a try in 2023 to run a successful business.

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