This compilation of weird and funny Photoshop fails includes images in which people have very strange skin tones, unnatural body parts and even lack some important features. Looking at such absurd photos you may have only one question – “How have retouchers made such mistakes?”

1. Lost Handbag

When you first look at this photo, you are likely to be impressed by a pretty model and an amazing combination of colors. But once you take a closer look, you will see a really strange thing – a lost handbag.

What really seems ridiculous is that retouchers have preserved a handler but removed the accessory. This is really one of the most unpardonable fail edits you can see on the web.

It seems that editors did their best to focus viewers’ attention on the dress that they erased the bag but forget about the handler. What a mistake!

2. Bad Tan or Photoshop Fail?

While editing photos, professionals always remember about a fine line between realism and over-photoshopping, because crossing it, you are likely to end up with very strange photos. This is especially relevant if you are engaged in magazine and beauty retouching when funny edited pictures can cause a real scandal. It is hard to trust a magazine or a newspaper when there is such a photo on a cover!

The image above reflects the most frequent Photoshop mistakes every amateur makes. It seems that this photo has been edited in an entry-level online program, so the result is far from perfect. The man has 3 different skin tones and we can probably call it bad but the truth is different – poor photo color correction.

3. The Slimmer – the Better?

There are lots of discussions about unrealistic beauty standards imposed by mass media that cause huge damage to the self-perception of both women and men. This sample belongs to the group of photos that make people doubt their natural beauty.

When editing images remember about proportions. Such kind of picture post-processing instantly signifies your amateurish skills. This photo looks funny and also undermines the principles of common sense.

4. Quite Strange Magazine Cover

At first glance, this is a beautiful high-quality cover for a glossy magazine. But let’s take a closer look at this photo. The hand near the girl’s face looks very, very strange. Either the girl has a very long arm and she managed to twist it that way, or it’s just one of the fail edits.

We believe the second variant is correct, because the same hand is inaccurately cut out and there is slight blurriness around it.

5. Long Arms and Minus 1 Finger


Young fresh and sensual girl with a flower in her hair wearing brown swimsuit and posing over color background. Skinny model in body lingerie. Summer swimwear

The first thing that really catches an eye is too big breasts. But if this failure can be explained by a wrong angle, the ridiculously long arms that almost reach her knees raise many questions.

You may also wonder about what has happened to the thumb on her right hand? Has it just disappeared? Another strange element is visible at the back of her right leg. Is it because of the wrong angle again? Hardly! Anyway, such weird Photoshop pictures are unacceptable as magazine covers.

If you don’t want to appear as a dilettante retoucher, we advise you to take a look at these professional photo editing samples to get inspired for producing really high-quality photos. Also, you can address professionals and order image editing services if you are just mastering Photoshop and Lightroom.


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