Are you looking for the best business name for your online business? It’s important when you go online to have a short business name. There are several reasons why you want to do this. Here are the main reasons that you need a shorter business name, then you might normally have a brick-and-mortar store.


Your URL


Your URL or Universal Resorts locator is the name that you’re going to have for your website. You want this to be a short name that people can remember. If your business name has a lot of words, no one is going to remember your name. People want to use easy and short domain names so they can type it into their browser search box to find your company. If you have too many words in your business name, this is going to be confusing to people, and they might misspell your business name and never find you online.


Brand Recognition


People find it easier to connect with a brand when it has a short name. Think of some of the very short names that people recognize. Brand names such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Ford, Nintendo, and so on are easy to recognize names because they are only one word. You instantly recognize the brand because of its name. You don’t want to have a business name that has too many words because people are going to find it harder to remember your brand. It’s simple names that people recognize the most. Try to keep your brand name to just a couple of words if it is possible. It will be even better if you use only one word for your brand name online.


Too Hard to Pronounce


If you have too many words in your brand name, people might find it hard to even pronounce the name properly.  this is why it’s better for you to have a shorter brand name. You will have fewer words that people need to pronounce. Try to keep the words as short as you can so that they are easy for people to not only read but for them to say. 


Don’t use any words that are complicated or quite hard for someone to spell. The easier the name is to say and pronounce, the easier it is going to be for you to have that brand recognition you want online for success. 


Social Media


Your name should be short online if you want to connect with people through social media. A short brand name won’t take up a lot of space on a hashtag through websites such as Twitter, or it won’t take up a lot of space in a Facebook post. If you have a long and complicated brand name then you’re going to run out of space when you write posts, especially on sites such as Twitter, which only give you a few characters to work with. 




These are just some of the reasons you want to have a short brand name. If you want to connect with customers online, they have to be able to type your brand name into a search engine to find you. You also want the name to be easy to pronounce and easy for them to use on social media sites.



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