This morning when I was writing the wrong year on bad checks I realized something: it’s 2014. Do you realize what that means? Sure, we made it past Y2K and the end of the Mayan calendar, but will we make it past the year of Googlezon? Ten years ago some dudes (Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson) released a flash video (because this was in 2004 and people still made flash videos) called EPIC 2014. It was a video by the fictional “Museum of Media History” about how news and media would be consumed in the year 2014. It starts all doom and gloom with “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Their prediction? That Google would merge with Amazon to personalize news to individual users and that some how Friendster would still be relevant. Newspapers would be phased out and Googlezon would release EPIC (Evolving Personalized Information Construct) which would pay users to contribute any information they had to a central grid. Ha! People getting paid to post content on the internet. Now that’s hilarious! But if you’re one of those shy amateur writers who like to post online but anonymously, it’s highly recommended to use one of the available¬†discourse¬†leading platforms that authorize you to publish without asking you about any personal details or showing your identity. It’s a simple way to share your interesting stories safely and freely.

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