Maintaining the organization of your desktop can be challenging. After all, a small change, including refreshing it, could change it from a clean, organized, and visually appealing desktop to a clutter of icons. We all know what happens when such a thing happens. Fortunately, a feature made to find desktop icons, among other tasks, is enough to solve the issues resulting from such a change. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the importance of having this remarkable feature.

  1. To Easily Locate an Icon

Most desktops contain many icons, usually for the various documents and programs that usersquickly access. Unfortunately, the desktop may be overwhelmed, eventually making it hard to serve its purpose due to too many icons. That’s where the find desktop icon comes it. Instead of skimming along with the columns and across the rows looking for the icon you need to access on your desktop, it gives you a much easier and pretty convenient alternative. After all, the only thing you will have to do is search for the app.

Sometimes, it may be hard to remember the name of the program or folder you are looking for. Fortunately, not even that will hinder you from locating the same with ease. That’s because you are at liberty to choose standard search criteria that are easier to remember than specific details such as names. Your options include text patterns, oldest modified, oldest created, latest modified, and latest created, just but to mention a few.

  1. To rearrange your desktop

With time, you often become familiar with the arrangement of the icons on the desktop. Then something disrupts the pattern, and it becomes hard for you to locate those apps. Equally important, returning the arrangement as it used to be can become impossible. You are left with no other choice but to start mastering the whole pattern all over again. Additionally, you also start hoping that another icon will not disrupt it any time soon. Fortunately, that shouldn’t worry you anymore. After all, the right finds desktop icon solution has a way of restoring the desktop icon. All you have to do is save it in advance and always restore it if something disrupts it.

  1. Refreshing the Desktop

Of course, there is a long way off right-clicking your desktop and selecting the refresh option. As much as it is practical, a faster option is even better. Fortunately, there are tools out there that do the task within a short time.

  1. Managing Desktop Windows

Do you want to minimize all the desktop windows? Have you minimized them by mistake? If any of the answers to the two questions is a resounding yes, those things will surely get easy with the right tool. You can minimize all those windows or reverse that action depending on what the current situation demands. How? All you have to do is grab the right tool for this particular job.


Clearly, the above are things you need if you often use a desktop, especially if yours has many icons. Fortunately, it is possible to have them all. Simply grab tools that are designed to perform those tasks, and all will be perfect.

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