You’ve heard the term “Botox” on TV or on the news, maybe in a movie or in the worst case scenario: some terrible song. But the word is out there and it has become a bit of a cultural icon in the last few years. Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard the word in a more negative connotation and so you have a negative outlook on not only Botox, but cosmetic treatments as a hole.

Which is also in turn very unfortunate, since cosmetic treatments are a very big part of our modern lives and contribute to society in many more ways than you think. Just the one specific cosmetic treatment of Botox NYC clinics’ biggest procedure in the industry’s catalogue, for example, has leapt through many hurdles to be here; ready and available for average income consumers to take advantage of.

But first, let’s look through the compound’s and treatment’s history, before we move onto looking at it from a modern perspective.

Where It All Started

Botox was originally found in Belgium, during an outbreak of botulinum, a disease which deactivates certain nerves in the body, causing fatal injuries. While nowadays the botulinum toxin is under control, back then, it caused a lot of panic. And it was a couple decades later that the botulinum toxin was isolated and could be examined.

Later on, in the mid 20th century, this toxin began to be used in medical practices, most notably being injected into the eyelid to stop uncontrollable twitching. As time went on, more and more medical solutions began being tested which utilized the botulinum toxin.

It was around the 70s that some medical professionals began to experiment with the compound in the sphere of cosmetics and beauty, utilizing its special numbing effect to soothe specific nerves in the face. As a result of the numbed nerves, certain parts of the face would get smoothed out and the wrinkles would be straightened.

And it was in the early 2000s that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) finally approved the Botox treatment as a perfectly safe form of cosmetic anti-aging and made it commercially available. This is a very generalized history of the Botox compound and there are a lot more details in its road to the clinics all across the world.

But regardless of all the difficulties it had to face on the way, Botox is now readily available to clients all across the world who wish to get treated.

Safety and Other Concerns

There’s always been a somewhat negative image of Botox in our culture.

This comes from a variety of reasons, whether it’s the ways it’s been presented all these years, as something only the rich can enjoy. Maybe it’s those scary photos of some famous people with stretched out faces and big puffed up lips, that people think Botox can make you look like a plastic doll.

But the reality couldn’t be farther from this. Botox is currently one of the safest treatments you can go through in the entire roster of treatments that modern clinics offer. Thanks to the many advancements that have been made in medicine, doctors have an insanely deep grasp of their craft and know exactly what they’re doing. That’s what years and years of studying and training will do to you.

If there’s a medical professional working in a cosmetic clinic, then you know that they already have a ton of qualifications and experience in the field. To even step foot into the operating room of a cosmetic clinic, you’ll need so much training and academic prowess, that by that point, you’ll be able to perform cosmetic procedures with your eyes closed (though you obviously shouldn’t).

The treatment involves the injection of the Botox compound into key areas of the face. When injected, the compound numbs the nerves of the face, allowing the muscles below to stop being tense and ease off for some time. When this happens, the skin above smooths out, making the face look much younger and way more vibrant.

Since the procedure requires a couple injections, it’s considered a minimally invasive procedure, which means that the damage done to your body is minimal. This has the benefit of making the recovery time much shorter than with other treatments, as well as no stitches or other kinds of regenerative bindings required after the procedure is finished.

Good Places to Look for Botox

You’ll find Botox in pretty much any cosmetic clinic. It’s not hard to come by at all, though it will take a little snooping to find a clinic that offers the treatment for a price that suits your requirements. You’ll find some good options by simply looking online and seeing what the clinics in your local area have on offer.

While Botox isn’t necessarily cheap, it’s nowhere near as expensive as you’ll initially believe. Sure, you’re not going to be paying for it with a bus fare, but depending on the pricing model, you’ll find a clinic that offers it for a price that’s close to home.

MiracleFace MedSpa, for example, offers a very affordable and reasonably priced treatment plan called Botox NYC. It’s famous across the city as one of the best deals on Botox you can find, which is why so many people, of different financial backgrounds visit the clinic every day to get treated. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options you have in a big city like NYC, but MiracleFace MedSpa offers a pretty easy way out of this problem.

But regardless of which clinic you choose to visit, if you’re getting Botox from a medical professional that knows all the ins and outs of their craft, then you’re in safe hands. You can expect some of the best results once the treatment is finished and within a week, as the side-effects pass, you’ll find that your face doesn’t just look much younger, but a lot more fresh and vibrant.


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