Last year we met Nickolay Lamm’s version of Barbie that has the proportions of an average 19-year old girl. Back then it was a concept, but now? Well, soon they’ll be a reality. That’s right, Nickolay is bringing the dolls to life! I mean, he’s not bringing the dolls to to life-life, just like plastic-life. *shudders* Now THAT would be super scary. Worst nightmare, amirite? Okay, imwrong: second worst nightmare. First worst nightmare is definitely all my teeth falling out and everyone hates me. This is a step in the right direction, I think these dolls are an improvement. At least impressionable young children won’t have the unrealistic expectations of looking like Babs anymore! Because it’s all Barbie’s fault. Haha, just kidding, the blame rests entirely on the shoulders of our completely f***ed up society. Truthin’!


To pre-order the Lammily doll, visit Nickolay’s site HERE.

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Via: Geekologie


  1. squatty

    frumpy dumpy doll

  2. Jonno

    As 98% of women are not this shapely and pretty, this doll is STILL unrealistically attractive. Which brings up an interesting point. Where do you draw the line? In order to promote female self-esteem, must Barbie have thick ankles and a mustache? Goiters? Leprousy?

  3. lordofexcess

    This is basic reductio ad absurdum. You are using flawed logic to make your point, which is what? There is no perfect solution so why try? Or??

  4. lordofexcess

    Vs. an alien doll? The real Barbie is so disproportional it isn’t even physiologically possible. Clearly though on this site, I’m assuming your a single geek with no kids of your own to worry about so you just don’t get the point at all.

  5. squatty

    you are a fucking idiot. not everything in this world has to be realistic. i would never give my kid a fat girl doll.

  6. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    I much prefer dolls thay are have joints. I mever felt pressure from barbie locked in at around 24-26 yrs old. Her younger sister Skipper was diffrent but cool. I have heard of tutti and todd but they didn’t last long but i have seen poctures of them now and no why don’t look them up it will haunt you, then their is Stacie active Stacie loves gymnastics and soccer. Then Chelsea currently on market pretty popular for buyers she is Barbie clone but younger and loves takng turns beingu p older 3’s butts. But be fair isn’t tjat most 6-7 ur olds who have older siblings. Then thejr is 3-4 yr old Kelly a budding ballerin. She is more of Barbie’s shaddow then clone and has the most friends. And then baby Krissy its an infant to young toddler their is no personality. This isn’t really barbie just anotjer pplastic figurine to be fair most dolls don’thave aarticulationthese days though they should

  7. Lydia

    Playtime is about FANTASY. Imagination. I don’t think that I ever looked at a Barbie doll and said, “I want to look like her”. Same way I never looked at a My Little Pony and thought that I would someday have a horse with pink hair and a cupcake on her butt.

  8. John

    holy shit. i would love a horse with pink hair and a cupcake on its butt.